How To Grow Your YouTube Channel with How To Videos

My tried and test youtube channel growth strategy that help people learn and grow their youtube channel using the power of evergreen how to content. Grow a youtube channel fast with searchable, rank high in youtube search and get more views with tutorials.

How To videos are my secret weapon when it comes to youtube success, youtube views, growing on youtube and getting more subscribers in 2019. If you can help people with How To evergreen content you will win their loyalty and increase views, engagement and subscriber counts!

How To Grow On YouTube 2019 Growth Strategy

EASY Small YouTuber Life Hacks — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxN7pgkDZGE
YouTube Algorithm 2019 Explained — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dLvqDcgn8Q
How To Become a FULL TIME Youtuber with 3k Subs — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkFPkIuBgPI
NO EXCUSES Make More Videos — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seQ2cXe2e7k


Best YouTube Growth Strategy from a YouTube Certified Expert for FREE

Best YouTube Growth Strategy from a YouTube Certified Expert for FREE // FREE Channel Growth on YouTube is down to best practices but a good youtube channel growth strategy for youtube mixes branding, niche development, keyword research and watch time growth to boost overall channel performance.

1 – Pick Your Niche – You need to be comfortable about making videos on this topics for a long time, so pick something you like and can nerd out about for months and years to come. You will need to build your YouTube growth strategy around specialised topic within that niche for example, GAMING and then the sub topic of DESTINY 2. The sub niche is the key part of this. If you was to just pick the broad topic of GAMING it will be hard to establish yourself as a though leader or expert in that wide rang of videos.

2 – Ask Yourself Questions – The best way to find topics that are evergreen and will interest your audience is to ask yourself questions. If you could go back 3-4 years ago to when you first fell in love with the topic you are thinking of making video for, what would YOU want to know about it? If you could ask an expert 20 questions on the topic, what would YOU ask them? Now those are your first 20 How To videos to feed the YouTube growth Strategy evergreen search friendly system.

3 – Keyword Research – For you to expand your reach beyond your subscriber base and lure more viewers to your content from outside your community bubble, you need become search friendly. This means researching the best keywords to sprinkle into your video titles and descriptions to improve your relevancy and rankings.

4 – Video SEO – Titles, description and tags are very imports in a YouTube Growth Strategy. A keyword rich title, a long thoughtful description and well researched tags help feed the youtube algorithm and can deliver some really solid traffic in the long term.

5 – Video Series – To boost your watch time and really dial in your YouTube growth strategy you need to be thinking of playlists and series. Pick a topic you want to talk about and break it into 5-6 pieces. This can then be used as 5-6 videos in a series. This could be a tutorial or a lets plays but the idea if that if someone watches 1 of them, they will want to watch the others to get the full scope of the series you have made.




YouTube Growth Hacks – 5 Secrets To Growing A YouTube Channel

YouTube Growth Hacks — Secrets To Growing A YouTube Channel // Growing on YouTube need dedication and practice but there are a few YouTube Tips that can help you improve engagement and growth in your channel in a matter of minutes. Today I share with you my 5 YouTube Hacks to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast.

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How I Gained 10K YouTube Subscribers in 7 Months

As you may know, YouTube can be a fickle beast! I started YouTube in July 2013 (Channel – MrHairyBrit) as an experiment to try to understand how YouTube worked and how it could help me in my day job as a web developer. I soon found out that YouTube was a very engaging, friendly social media platform that rapidly become my new hobby and passion. I started to make 3 videos a week, a mixture of movie reviews, video replies (when they still existed), rants and funny news – slowly gaining YouTube Subscribers. Each time I would look at my videos and slowly work to improve on my camera framing, audio quality, and practiced on talking to a camera – all while on a tiny budget.

Roll forward to October 2016 – I had been on YouTube for 3.5 Years, made 600+ videos and kicked, punched, scratched my way to nearly 8000 YouTube Subscribers. Its a number I am proud of because during this time I had many successes and many failures, some great videos and some horrifically cringe worthy videos… but then I did something that helped my channel EXPLODED!

I gained 10K YouTube Subscribers in just 7 months!
Gaining 2000+ YouTube Subscribers a Month!!

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After months and months of making 3 videos a week, not seeing any major changes to my monthly views, I felt I needed to shake up a few things. I started thinking “if a website had 600+ pages of content surely some of those should get traffic?!” So with that in mind I started researching YouTube Video SEO and here are….  

4 Tips To Boost An Existing YouTube Channel – Gain YouTube Subscribers

  1. Revive Old Videos – Redo Video SEO
    After 3.5 years I had over 600 videos but many of them failed in the Video SEO game. I looked back over my old videos and was horrified to see how badly I had tagged them. I updated them with new more accurate Video Titles, Descriptions, Video Tags and added a new EYE CATCHING thumbnail. Using TubeBuddy, I would update 5-10 videos a day and over time some (not all) would be reindexed by YouTube and spring back to life again!
  2. End Screens & Info Cards – Use The Tools YouTube Gives You
    I personally find that 80%+ of my viewing audience now views me on Mobile devices, smartphones, iPad and other iDevices. This was something I had not optimised for when I started making videos in 2013. The old annotation system allowed you to add helpful links but mobile users couldn’t use them…. but they CAN use End Screens and Info Cards! Using TubeBuddy, I bulk added End Screens and Info Cards to all my videos helping to boost interaction with my mobile viewers, making it easier for them to watch more videos and subscribe to me!
  3. The Power Of Playlists – Keep People Watching For Longer
    I noted that some of my videos would get regular traffic. I collected my to 10-20 videos and built playlists around them. Each playlist would have theme that matched the top video and I placed that video at the top of the playlist, making the playlist a SERIES. This mean YouTube can then associate those videos to each other and suggests them more as the next video in the related auto-play video section. This also meant that I could use the video that was getting traffic to feed the other videos in the playlist with traffic, increasing overall watch time and views!
  4. ASK – Make It Easy For Them To Become Subscribers
    One thing that I was always shy of doing was ASKING my viewers to do something. I would hide it away at the end of the video in a rushed sentence just as the video was ending … “Please like, comment, share, subscribe and ill see you soon, goodbye!” – What this did was numb people to the Call To Action (CTA). Your CTA should be clear and direct! I have now moved my CTA to the WITHIN THE FIRST 30 SECONDS of the video and making it clear how to – “Hello Hairy Family and welcome back to another video. If you want to see more funny news remember to CLICK SUBSCRIBE for 3 Videos every week….” – This tells them WHAT to do and WHY, and this and rapidly increased my subscriber click through rate. Just goes to show, if you ASK, you will receive

I am now starting my 2nd Channel (Alan Spicer – YouTube Tips and Tricks) to teach people How To Grow Your YouTube Channel.

I hope this helps you to Grow Your YouTube Channel – If you have any questions please do get in touch and I will try and help you!


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