Keep Learning And Grow On YouTube (DEEP DIVE)

Keep Learning And Grow On YouTube (DEEP DIVE) // The secret to non stop growth on youtube, life and business is learning. If you keep learning new skills, keep learning your niche then you can keep talking about it and teaching people. You can grow your channel and secure your future success by learning marketable skills that can add to your income.

Grow Your YouTube Channel While Learning – I have been on YouTube since 2012 and I strive to get better with every video. Every chance I get I listen to audio books, watch videos and experiment with new platforms to see how this can help my audience and expand my overall reach, and you should to!

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel with 100 Videos

Grow Your YouTube Channel — 100 Videos To Success YouTube Growth Strategy 2019 // YouTube Growth 2019 is hard but it can be soul destroying if all you do is watch your numbers. I am asked “how can i grow my channel” all the time. People asking why they have XX subs but no views etc. What i say is you should not even be looking at number until you do are 100 Videos to Success and YouTube Growth.

If you focus on making your first 100 videos and not on the views and subscribers, you will then be able to see how to improve your videos. You will learn how to make videos, get comfortable on camera, light your videos and build your skills.

You can grow your youtube channel in 2019 but you have to do the leg work first, run the marathon not the sprint!


How To Grow Your YouTube Channel with How To Videos

My tried and test youtube channel growth strategy that help people learn and grow their youtube channel using the power of evergreen how to content. Grow a youtube channel fast with searchable, rank high in youtube search and get more views with tutorials.

How To videos are my secret weapon when it comes to youtube success, youtube views, growing on youtube and getting more subscribers in 2019. If you can help people with How To evergreen content you will win their loyalty and increase views, engagement and subscriber counts!

How To Grow On YouTube 2019 Growth Strategy

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Best YouTube Growth Strategy from a YouTube Certified Expert for FREE

Best YouTube Growth Strategy from a YouTube Certified Expert for FREE // FREE Channel Growth on YouTube is down to best practices but a good youtube channel growth strategy for youtube mixes branding, niche development, keyword research and watch time growth to boost overall channel performance.

1 – Pick Your Niche – You need to be comfortable about making videos on this topics for a long time, so pick something you like and can nerd out about for months and years to come. You will need to build your YouTube growth strategy around specialised topic within that niche for example, GAMING and then the sub topic of DESTINY 2. The sub niche is the key part of this. If you was to just pick the broad topic of GAMING it will be hard to establish yourself as a though leader or expert in that wide rang of videos.

2 – Ask Yourself Questions – The best way to find topics that are evergreen and will interest your audience is to ask yourself questions. If you could go back 3-4 years ago to when you first fell in love with the topic you are thinking of making video for, what would YOU want to know about it? If you could ask an expert 20 questions on the topic, what would YOU ask them? Now those are your first 20 How To videos to feed the YouTube growth Strategy evergreen search friendly system.

3 – Keyword Research – For you to expand your reach beyond your subscriber base and lure more viewers to your content from outside your community bubble, you need become search friendly. This means researching the best keywords to sprinkle into your video titles and descriptions to improve your relevancy and rankings.

4 – Video SEO – Titles, description and tags are very imports in a YouTube Growth Strategy. A keyword rich title, a long thoughtful description and well researched tags help feed the youtube algorithm and can deliver some really solid traffic in the long term.

5 – Video Series – To boost your watch time and really dial in your YouTube growth strategy you need to be thinking of playlists and series. Pick a topic you want to talk about and break it into 5-6 pieces. This can then be used as 5-6 videos in a series. This could be a tutorial or a lets plays but the idea if that if someone watches 1 of them, they will want to watch the others to get the full scope of the series you have made.




How Logan Paul Is CHEATING The YouTube Algorithm To Get More Views and RAPID Growth On YouTube

Logan Paul is CHEATING To Get More Views on YouTube // Logan and Jake Paul’s rapid youtube channel growth has been amazing. The Paul brothers have answered the question – How To Grow A YouTube Channel FAST! You can grow a YouTube fast, very fast with Shock, Awe and Controversy.


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How to Gain YouTube Subscribers – YouTube Growth Strategy

Everyone Needs A YouTube Growth Strategy to Grow A YouTube Channel

Gaining YouTube Subscribers is getting harder and harder with an abundance of YouTubers entering the scene and people nowadays are pickier when choosing to subscribe to channels, as they don’t want to be bombarded with content they’re not interested in. The following YouTube Growth Strategy will allow you to gain subscribers more effectively and quicker than you have before. So get reading and start gaining a bunch of loyal subscribers!

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Make use of YouTube Customisations – Branding YouTube Growth Strategy

Like any website you may visit, one of the few things you critique is the design, name/branding and the content on the page. The same can be said for a YouTube Channel. In a Branding YouTube Growth Strategy you have to establish credibility by having a completed channel which includes channel art such as Banners and Channel Icons, amount of videos and a completed bio. YouTube has a ton of customisation options to truly make the channel yours and brand yourself using the a Trailer Video, Icons and Headers, you can truly communicate who you are and what your videos are about with your Trailer Video and channel art.

Diversifying Content – YouTube Growth Strategy

One of the main factors of subscribers is views. Views are vital to gain subscribers without views how can people find and subscribe to your videos? There are two types of content fleeting and Evergreen. To Increase views you will need to have diverse content that pulls in viewers for a phase in time (fleeting) and indefinitely (evergreen)

Fleeting content describes videos that are only relevant for a certain time period that people will watch. For example Ice Bucket Challenge.
The Ice Bucket Challenge was fleeting, it was popular for a limited time frame of a few months and it was all people were watching. Lets say if you made a video about the ice bucket challenge that was humorous and contained compelling content it would have been watched a lot during that time frame but views would have fallen off towards the end of its popularity. In the process gaining you a lot of subscribers if Call to Actions were implemented correctly.

Evergreen content decribes videos that people are consistently viewing throughout the year. For evergreen content you have to put a lot of research into trends for example on Googles Trend Tool. If there is a niche or category that consistently brings in views you should do a video on the topic. For example, “How to clean make up brushes” People are always trying to clean their make up brushes throughout the year and its a problem a lot of people have. Should the video become an authority for this term it will gain views throughout the year for many years, no matter what happens.

It is not a fad. By using CTA (Call to Actions) and having compelling & related content these videos should pull in a lot of subscribers.

Call to Action (CTA) – Ask for engagement

A call to action is a vital part of a YouTube Growth Strategy and is basically asking the viewer to do something. For us, we want them to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Call to actions are an absolute godsend to YouTubers and can be used to increase subscribers exponentially if used correctly.

There a few ways to place a call to action in a video such as Annotation, which are those small subscribe pop up text or buttons that show up at the bottom of the page. In these annotations you put a button with a link to subscribe to your channel. You can also ask in a more personal way by asking during the video, usually during the start and end is the best time to ask as users are most engaged at the start and gives a reminder at the end, with a mixture of both you can increase your subscribers by implementing this simple feature within your videos.

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Distribution of Content – Share Your Video, Get Seen!

As said above without views your content is nothing. The more you get people watching videos, the more people can subscribe. Distribution is an important part of a YouTube Growth Strategy and you should share videos at any moment you can. You cannot simply place content and expect people to come find it, you have to show them where it is.  There are many ways to do this.

Facebook – On Facebook you can post your content on your page so your friends and extended network can find it. You can also place the video in Facebook groups, when placing in facebook groups make sure the facebook group’s interests align with the content in your video. Therefore they will find it interesting and be more likely to subscribe.

Twitter – With the use of Hashtags you can post a link to your video so your followers and audience can see it, as well as hashtag the tweet with a relevant area for example #Kyshadow and @kyliejenner for a KyShadow review to increase exposure.

Reddit – Reddit is an interesting source of views, as described above it is fleeting but if you post in the relevant section on reddit with compelling content it has the opportunity to bring in a large audience to your video if it gets upvoted by the community. In some cases, Small and Medium youtubers have gone viral with the use of reddit which really built up their audiences.

Forums/Blogs – Blogs and forums are also a great way to bring in views, by guest posting or commenting with a link to your video on a topic that is related to your video you can also bring in some new viewers who may subscribe.

Collaborations – Make Friends

Collaborations are an excellent source of new subscribers that is beneficial for both YouTubers. When collaborating you gain access to another YouTubers audience and they gain access to yours. When doing collaborations as part of a YouTube Growth Strategy, do them with people who have a similar sized audience, lets say you have 4000 subscribers, try and do collaborations with those who have an audience of 3000-5000 subscribers as they are more likely to accept collaboration requests. You should also make sure that the videos your making and that their making are related in some way. For example You’re both gaming youtubers, you should do a collab with another gaming YouTuber as their audience is also interested in gaming, it would not be effective to do a Gaming & Beauty Channel collab as gaming subscribers may not be interested in beauty and vice versa.

Intro, Outro and Channel Trailer

These are vital elements of any YouTube Channel. They show viewers who you are and what you make videos about. The channel trailer is the first thing a newcomer to your channel will see and this is the moment you have to impress them, and gain them as a subscriber. A good trailer is one that’s informative and under one minute. The use of intro’s is always important as it re-enforces your branding, as well as a video outro which you can link to other youtube videos so they can keep watching or give them the option to subscribe and like the video (Call to Action).

Consistency – Everyone Loves A Regular TV Show

Consistency is key as the saying goes and YouTube is no different. Viewers want to see a consistent stream of videos. If you really want to be a youtuber you should enjoy making videos and it should have to be a task. Therefore uploading videos on a regular schedule should be no problem and with more videos = more reach for views = more subscribers. By uploading frequently on a regular YouTube Growth Strategy schedule you are building a good relationship with your existing subscribers and developing new subscribers through new videos which will expand your reach.

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Interaction & Personality

If you’re a growing youtuber you should interact with your audience wherever you can, if they ask questions in the comment or compliment your video, interact and thank them. This will let your audience know you’re there for them and they will become loyal subscribers. Even seeing a YouTuber respond in the comments makes me like them and makes me want to subscribe as it shows me that they care for their audience and their work.

YouTube Video Optimisation – Video SEO

Video optimisation is absolutely essential for subscribers. Video optimisation allows you to rank well in YouTubes Search and Related videos section. This includes Title, Description and Tags. You should have a relevant and stand out title. For Fleeting videos make the title snappy and out there, for Evergreen Videos make it out there you should do some keyword research. Keyword research entails finding out what people are searching for using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Type in a few terms and suggestions and related terms will come up. For example “5 Best MakeUp Brush”. You should try to target medium and high search volume keywords.

YouTube Giveaways

Giveaways are the incentivized way of getting new subscribers. When doing giveaways as part of a YouTube Growth Strategy try and make the giveaway item as relevant to your topic area as possible for example if you’re a gamer maybe give away a controller, this will ensure any potential subscriber who subscribes to win the giveaway item has a real interest in the topic you’re making videos about. When doing a giveaway you should ask the audience to subscribe and share the content on social media such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. This will also gain you new viewers from their bunch of followers too!

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5 Tips to Increase YouTube Watch Time and Audience Retention

Overall YouTube Watch Time Is The Secret To Growth

Overall video watch time or audience retention rate is vital factor of ranking when it comes to YouTube. YouTube watch time is how long viewers watch your videos before they drop off or leave a video, having a video watched for the full duration or more than half the video can improve your ranking in YouTube Search as well as improve ad CPM’s, therefore it is important that we can improve this metric in our videos. With Programmes like YouTube RED programme, if your content has a low retention rate (YouTube Watch Time) it correlates to a low payout from the RED programme.

Optimize Entry Points – Increase YouTube Watch Time

Your thumbnail and title are the first thing that a viewer will see and will get them to click through into your video. You must have a compelling and interesting title and thumbnail, but they must be accurate to the content and not be deceptive clickbait titles or thumbnails. If you use misleading titles or thumbnails, it will negatively affect YouTube watch time as the viewer will immediately feel mislead which will result in them leaving the video early and leaving a thumbs down.

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Use YouTube Analytics – Investigate YouTube Watch Time

YouTube Analytics is a great tool for finding out why your audience is dropping off and lowering their watch time of the videos. If you check the audience retention report on YouTube Analytics you can find out which videos have low view times. If you find a trend in low view times in videos you can see what each have in common, for example if they’re dropping off within the first 15-30 seconds you should follow the 15 second rule to optimize the content, but if they’re dropping off halfway in each video you should see if there is any relation between the video eg. the video gets slower or has less energy which are the most common reasons for drop off, to combat this you can use annotations to prompt users to keep watching or simply telling them to stick around to see whats coming up.

Create Quality Video Content – Quality = Better YouTube Watch Time

Creating quality video content is an obvious one, but it is one of the most important factors. Why would you watch a video that didnt have interesting content? The higher the quality of your content and originality the higher the youtube watch time generally is. The user will be engrossed in the video and more likely to watch if it is something they haven’t seen before. You can achieve this by using your own style in videos and not blatantly copying other youtubers styles. Voice your opinions, spark interest, and interact with your audience by posing questions and call to actions.

Editing is also a big part of  creating quality video content. You should edit your video effectively by creating interesting openings, use of cuts to edit out the boring or unrelated parts that aren’t interesting and only keeping in the compelling parts to maintain interest throughout the video. Make sure to test the video out on your friends or fellow youtubers before uploading to get an honest opinion and feedback on the video.

The 15 Second Rule – Hook Them Quickly and Gain YouTube Watch Time

When creating a video you need to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 15 seconds. If using an intro limit it to less than 5 seconds as if its longer it takes too long to get to the actual content. In order to capture the attention in the first 15 seconds you must place compelling content first with the information that the user is expecting or a build up to it. Don’t start off with boring information that is irrelevant to the video content. At the start of the video you need to channel all of your energy, be completely outgoing, energetic and fast paced and try keep it up throughout the video as this style of behaviour is highly engaging.

Video Linking and Annotations – Keep Them Watching! 

The use of video linking and use of annotations in older videos, can help build YouTube watch time as users to continue watching your other videos by linking them to newer videos or continue to stay watching the current videos by asking them to stick around to find out more in areas that they usually drop off (eg. mid video) .This will increase your overall watch time since they are watching more of your video content.

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How to Tag Your YouTube Videos – Keyword YouTube Optimisation

Rank Better with YouTube Optimisation – Tagging Your YouTube Videos

Tagging your youtube video is an extremely important factor of YouTube Optimisation & YouTube SEO. Tags allow you to be discovered for the keywords and titles you want to rank for in YouTube Search and Related/Suggested content to get your videos discovered by the masses.

Would you like some 1-on-1 YouTube Training? Looking for a YouTube SEO Coach? – get in touch! >>

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The Honeymoon Period – YouTube Optimisation Foundation Building

The Honeymoon period for YouTube Optimisation is the first 5-7 days after you post your video. In this period YouTube solely relies on the metadata you have provided to rank your video in YouTube Search and normally gives it an extra boost by displaying it in the first few pages to see how well it does. Once this honeymoon period is over, YouTube then has enough information collected from various Datapoints such as Click Throughs from search and related videos, Watch Times and user retention rates about your video and then ranks it accordingly based on the information it has collated.

This why during this period it is vital we crush YouTube Optimisation, providing accurate metadata to give your videos that extra boost as well as having appealing video thumbnails and titles to improve clickthroughs.

What Keywords to Use to Rank Videos

YouTube Optimisation is a fine art and usually people just throw in a lot of random tags into their tag boxes and usually spam it out with irrelevant tags. This is such bad practice. There are a few rules you need to follow to rank well in YouTube Search and Suggested using the following types of keywords when you are adding tags to your video.

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Should I Buy YouTube Views and YouTube Subscribers?

Is it safe to Buy YouTube Views and Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Many YouTubers are excited to kickstart their youtube careers some even buy youtube views in order to try and leap ahead, but is the practice of buying video views safe?

People buy views in order to increase the view count of their videos, grow their channels and make their videos look more attractive to the people who search for a video as it looks like the video is “Better”. For example if you were looking to find a Review of a phone or make up which video would you click on? One with 100 views or one with 50,000?

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Buying YouTube Views & Subscribers is against YouTube’s Terms of Service

Unsurprisingly, Yes buying views is against YouTube’s Terms of Service which could see your video removed or worst case scenario of your YouTube Channel being banned. If you are a partner or use Adsense on your videos then you also risk being banned from the network and banned from adsense for sending fake traffic.

The following is YouTube’s ToS in regards to Buying Views

Do not click on your own ads or use any means to inflate video views, impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods.

Do not encourage others to click your ads or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks, including clicks on your videos to inflate views. This includes commissioning third party agencies that advertise these services to increase your viewership. The purchase or gaming of subscribers, views or any other channel features is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Do not manipulate or incentivize others to click on video features, such as “Like” or “Favorite,” to improve your standing and visibility across the site. We consider these to be fraudulent clicks and/or queries.

Do not employ third party sites and tools to automatically generate artificial subscribers or views. (from Partner Program Policies,, Accessed 22 November 2013

If it is detected that you are buying views and/or subscribers, your account will be terminated.

What are the negative effects? Buy YouTube Views & Subscribers

There are many negative effects of fake views & inactive subscribers. The biggest negative risk to the and effect of the “Buy YouTube Views” strategy is the possible takedown of your video or YouTube Channel, and you wont get a refund for those views!

Fake views and fake subscribers can be blatantly obvious. Let’s say you buy 20,000 views, your video has now 20,000 views with little to no comments and likes/dislikes. This screams fake video to viewers which might put them off watching you. The fake views can also lead to low retention rate. Retention rate is how long the viewer stayed to watch the video,since these are fake views the fake views will only stay there as long as it needs to register a view which may only be a few seconds. If you’re worried about how you rank in YouTube’s search, you should avoid buying views or else buy expensive views with a retention rate of over 40%.

Buying YouTube Subscribers has the shame hollow affect. If you have 100,000 subscribers but only get 1,000 views with very little comments or interaction it can be a huge red flag that your subscribers are inactive and not engaged in your content. Organic subscribers are more likely to interact with a video, like, comment or share. It doesn have to be 1-to-1 subscriber count to view but you will notice a baseline average that should growth comparatively as a channel grows.

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How Does YouTube Detect When You Buy YouTube Views?

YouTube detects YouTube views in a variety of ways. The first way is through low retention rate, if the retention rate for the video is low it is a red flag, a lot of views without likes or comments or subscriber gain are also a red flag for YouTube. On the technical side of things, they can see that some view providers send views from multiple VPN’s. This traffic is obvious to YouTube as it is coming from a company and not a home/residential internet service provider.

Not all YouTube view providers are detected depending on their methods of sending views. If you are to buy views make sure the views are sent gradually and not in one burst as this can be detected.

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Youtube SEO Guide: How to Rank #1 in Youtube

YouTube Search Optimisation (YouTube SEO) – Rank #1 in YouTube

YouTube Search Optimisation, Video SEO or YouTube SEO is a vital part of being a YouTuber now-adays as its a key way to get views to your videos. YouTube is also the second biggest search engine and by employing these tips when putting your videos on YouTube, you can rank high and rake in some views!

As most of you know YouTube use an algorithm in order to rank their videos and give visibility. This is based on On-Page Optimisation of your video and User Engagement with the video. In this guide we will cover both on page video optimisation so you can achieve higher rankings and visibility on YouTube for your videos.

Getting all these factors of the video correct can position you at the top of youtube search results as well as google which can bring a lot of views to your videos – Lets start the very start of the process Uploading your video

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Video Filename – YouTube SEO Foundations

Now this isn’t a huge factor but it used to be. When uploading a youtube video make sure the name of the video file is relevant to the name of the video. This is a sneaky way to shoehorn in a keyword for the YouTube Algorithm to analyse. Lets say if you wanted to make a video about Youtube SEO, the name of the video would be Youtube_SEO_How_To_Rank.mp4

Title Of The video – Boost YouTube SEO with an EYE CATCHING HEADLINE

The title of the video is crucial, it is probably the most important thing related to your video. The title of the video needs to pull in viewers if they use the YouTube Search. By having a hard hitting title that is relevant to your video you should be able to improve your Click through rate (CTR) and Ranking/Visibility in YTSR.

In terms of YouTube SEO it should have your keyword phrase in the Title. Your title should be 4-5 words long minimum as this avoids keyword stuffing which can cause negative SEO. When creating a title preferably put the keyword phrase at the start of the title as in my experience this works best when it comes to ranking.

For example if I was trying to rank for YouTube SEO my title would be:
Eg. “Youtube SEO Guide: How to Rank #1 in Youtube”

Video Description – Give YouTube SEO some more details

Description is very important to a youtube video. It tells the user and YouTube/Search Engines about your video and your videos content. By having an interesting and optimised description it will entice people to click on your video which improves your CTR.

To optimise your description we must make use of the keyword phrase, generally it is best to put the keyword phrase at the start of the video description or within the first 25 words. This is because when the user searches for the term “ YouTube Video SEO Guide” the keyword phrase “Youtube Video SEO Guide” will show up in bold.

Make your description of your videos at least 70-100 words long with 1-2 keyword phrases included. If you need to add links, add links near the top as it will improve your click through rate to your website. However, be sparing with external links as this will end your viewers session time and can work against you.

Tags & Categories – Video YouTube SEO Tags

Using the correct Tags and Categories will ensure that your video will get seen by the right audience bringing you views. Not only are tags helpful for placing your video among similar videos and recommendations, they are also great for ranking your video in YouTube Search when using the correct tags. Make sure you’re using at least 5 tags. You should create tags based on Your title and the keyword you’re targeting, so include title keywords and other related keywords, this will influence what you search terms you appear under and related videos.

Video Transcription – Closed Captions & Title/Description Translations

YouTube automatically transcribes your video for you, and indexes the transcription. Youtube doesn’t do the best job at transcription at times and this can cause irrelevant totally out of this world transcripts. By correcting the transcript under closed captions you are optimising the video for your target keywords then by enabling the closed captions options this should increase your Click Through Rates and possibly ranking due to having an optimised transcript.

You can also translate the Video Title and Video Description in the Translation tab within the video options. This helps users with regional settings enabled to find the video in search with their native foreign language and expands the audience you can reach.

User Engagement Through Annotations, Mobile Cards & End Cards

User engagement such as Likes, Subscriptions and Comments per video has become a critical factor in how YouTube Ranks your videos. Although you as the content creator have no control over user engagement to an extent, there are a lot of ways to improve it by adding annotations asking users to “thumbs up” or “Subscribe”. You can also implement this in the video by asking the viewer to subscribe or like/comment their opinions.

Youtube has recently added Mobile Cards and End Cards to boost Click-through-rates on mobile devices. You can now actively use touch screen smartphones to lick this features to see links, or suggested videos. This feature is replacing the old Annotations feature in May 2017 as annotation were not mobile accessible.

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Views & Retention Rates – YouTube SEO Ranking = Watched Minutes

The main reason you’re probably doing video SEO is to get your content views, but views quality otherwise known as retention can be vital in ranking higher in YouTube Search. YouTube tend to rank videos with higher watch time retention over than ones with lower overall watch time. You’re probably wondering what is the difference between views and high quality views? Well there is a huge difference. High quality views are views where the user has watched over 35-50% of the video or more, depending on the length of the video. The more of the video a user watches, the better quality of the view.

You can measure the watch time of your videos by going to the ‘Analytics’ section of your youtube account. This will show you exactly when during your video your audience drops off, therefore it should give you an idea why, so you can improve on it.


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How To Increase YouTube Views – YouTube Consultancy

Increasing Video Views Doesn’t Have To Be A Mystery

I have been making YouTube videos since June 2013 but not matter if you are starting out on youtube or are a seasoned youtube veteran you may still wondering how to increase youtube views on your videos on your channel. In this blog post I will try and break down this Good Mythical Morning of a topic into VlogBrother sized chunks. This will explain exactly how to increase your youtube video views and make your video popular with a few easy steps. Increasing YouTube views doesn’t always start by just throwing traffic at a video, it starts with what’s in the content itself.

If you need more hands on assistance why not chat to us about YouTube Consultancy Services >>

increase youtube views, incresing youtube views, get more youtube views, youtube coaching, youtube consulting, youtube consultancy, youtube seo, video seo, tubebuddy

Quality Over Quantity – Every Video Is a Chance to Increase YouTube Views

You have probably heard this phrase thrown around millions of times but it is very important when creating youtube videos. So what does quality mean? Quality isn’t just a “High Definition 1080p” video filmed by a DSLR, it’s the content within your video such as your ideas and delivery on camera and how you interact with your audience. By creating high quality youtube videos that are entertaining, you are more likely to increase your audience retention rate (How long someone stays on the page watching your videos) which in turn increases your visibility on youtube (due to their algorithms), Increase YouTube Views and if the viewer finds you entertaining they’re is more likely to subscribe and come back to watch your next video too, therefore increasing your future YouTube view count.

Upload Schedule – Consistency Helps to Increase YouTube Views

Plan an uploading schedule for your videos, if you have an uploading schedule your audience will know when to expect a video. Humans are creatures of habit and once you have a schedule they will come back at around the same time during these days to watch your next video. Think of successful youtubers like Grace Helbig, Philip Defranco, The VlogBrothers (John Green & Hank Green) and Good Mythical Morning (Rhett & Link) they all have video schedules.

Even if you can only commit to 1 video a week to start with that is better than none. Also if you feel you can do more than that but not consistently then promising 1 a week and giving them 3 videos in 2 weeks means the viewers feel they are getting more than they expected as a little bonus, and who doesn’t like a freebie every now and then! Consistency breeds Loyalty and Loyalty is a great way to Increase YouTube Views.


YouTube Video Optimisation – Get Found In Search and Increase YouTube Views

Video Optimisation & Customisation is critical these days on youtube as it’s hard to find videos that stand out. Video SEO (Video Search Engine Optimisation) is a legacy from YouTube’s owners, Google! Just like you need to make your website search engine friendly you need to make sure your youtube video has a good Title, Video Description, Thumbnails and Video Tags to help Google rank you. When Google can rank the video it will Increase YouTube Views as your video is more discoverable.

  1. Video Title & Description
    Your video title must stand out among a sea of generic titles. Make it BOLD and make a sensationalist title based on the topic of the video or based on something you said in the video. In the description of the video make sure you include your title phrase, your social media links and a description of 50-120 words.
  2. Tags
    Tags are also vital. Tags are the things that make you searchable on YouTube, so use tags wisely. Tag what you think you would search to find your video on youtube or what you want to be found under. Also tag any relevant related word/content as thats how that sidebar with videos is generated.
  3. Thumbnails
    Thumbnails are one of the main factors if someone will click your video or not. Make your thumbnails interesting. Get a screenshot of a scene in your video, edit it in a photo editor and then add some text/ images/your video title and viola. That looks 100 times better than that auto generated youtube thumbnail!

There  are many tools out there that can help you with YouTube Metadata (Titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails and Tags) one of those is TubeBuddy or you can always chat to our YouTube Consultant.

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Video Promotion – Share Your Videos to Increase YouTube Views

Video promotion is a really important factor when increasing views directly and indirectly. When you promote your videos through social media you get direct viewers from these sites and your video ranking also goes up due to SEO. YouTubes Ranking Algorithm sees you have social presence on other social media websites and will rank you higher in search and visibility.

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram)
    It is important that you have established a social media page for your youtube channel outside of youtube. You should have a Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. When your video comes out, send out a tweet/post/IG that you have made a new video and link it. For sites like Instagram and Twitter throw a few HashTags onto your post to increase exposure.
  • Other Promoting through Your Own Blog, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc
    These social media platforms are sometimes overlooked by youtubers. These social media platforms are the reason for a number of viral videos, especially Reddit and Buzzfeed. Create a post on Buzzfeed and include your video and Reddit your video in an appropriate subreddit. Stumbleupon can be useful too, add your video to the site and add relevant keywords that relate to your video and your video will be shown to people who have entered in similar interests.Why not upload your videos to your own blog? It’s a great way to have control over your audience and content outside of the YouTube platform. Need a Custom Designed WordPress Blog/Website, get in touch!
  • Join Youtube Social Media Groups.
    YouTube Groups on Social Media platforms like Facebook can be incredibly helpful when your starting YouTube. In most cases you can post your video to gain views but always ask for feedback on your videos as they are more likely to be honest with you and you can improve your video quality. You may have local YouTube Groups for your country, city etc have a look on Facebook’s groups section, Joining groups can also be really helpful for collaboration opportunities.

YouTube Collabs & Cross Promotion – Team Up to Increase YouTube Views

Collabs can also bring you a ton of views. Collabs are best done with tag videos, challenges etc. When collab-ing, it is best to find a YouTuber with similar content/audience and a similar number of subscribers on their channels. This will make sure both of you get the equal amounts of promotion and hopefully subscribers. To find a collab partner you can join a social media group or just connect with some youtubers on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Tumblr and go from there.

Cross promotion is a great way to increase your view count. For Cross promotion you will need to be friends or have contact with a fellow YouTuber, preferably in the same genre that you are with a similar number of subscribers/followers on social media. You can ask them to post your video on their Twitter/Tumblr and you will do the same when their new video comes out. If you’re in need of youtube friends join a social media group.

Audience Interaction – Talk to YouTube Viewers, Make Them Feel Involved!

Building relationships with your audience is an important part of gaining and retaining views on your videos. If you have time after you upload a video, try and reply to some comments on your video. This shows you’re dedicated enough to your audience and have time for them. On other social media sites, if you get questions/comments about your videos reply/RT them.

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YouTube 101 – How to Grow a YouTube Channel


YouTube is a beast in the social media world and it’s not just all pranks and cute kitten videos. Countless hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Not all of it will go viral, in fact not all of it will be seen at all. So this is where I can hopefully nudge you in the right direction to Grow a YouTube Channel.



So many YouTubers start uploading videos to an account before they have done their legwork to Grow a YouTube Channel and it can be a real pain to change later. A good example of this is “NicePeter” who started a project with his friend “EpicLLOYD” recording parody rap videos. But when their videos started to get popular people were looking for “Epic Rap Battles of History” and found them on a Nice Peter’s YouTube channel instead, which could confuse people. They have since opened a new channel to match their branding and boast over 12 million subscribers.

Picking a name at this stage can help you match social media accounts together helping people find you. For example, if your YouTube account is MrHairyBrit, you could grab your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat accounts with the same username to help people find you should they want to see more of your work.


You don’t have to be a web designer or a branding graphic designer to Grow a YouTube Channel and make your channel stand out. YouTube channels, as with most other social media profiles, have a header banner and a YouTube channel avatar. These banners and avatars are a way to let your audience know who you are, what you do, and a way to establish a recognised look.

The header banner needs to be 2560w x 1440h pixels as this is then used and scaled down for mobile devices such as phones, tablets and notebook laptops. As for the avatar or profile image I personally use and image that is 275w x 275h and I try and match the colours to the header banner so people are used to my avatar and my channel colours when they try to find my videos.


You don’t have to be rich to get into vlogging and Grow a YouTube Channel. YouTube is a great tool for any new curious vlogger who wants to find an audience on the internet. I personally started with a webcam that cost me £15. This had 720p video format and a fairly good microphone. The core thing to remember with videos is that even if your video quality is great, if you cannot hear the video properly a viewer will very quickly tune out.

After a lot of testing I found that my webcam microphone was great depending on distance and that assuming I wasn’t in a dark room then the video quality wasn’t so much of an issue. I have since moved onto a £35 Logitech c920 1080p Full HD webcam to film my vlogs and have a pretty reliable set up.

“Ok, so I have a camera and I have a microphone… But what do I make videos about?”

A very good question. Now when you started this journey you may have had an initial thought of what the channel would be for, whether it’s business, hobby, factual or just weird. Now why not open a notebook and throw words/questions at the page that would describe that topic? For example, if you want to make a video diary then these could be, “Where do I live? What’s my job? Do I have any pets? What did I think about the football game this weekend?” Already you have a few topics for a video. If it’s business based, then why not explain who you are, what you sell, any examples, or your work, etc.


It’s time to build an audience. You have some videos recorded and you are ready to get them seen, but for that you need subscribers and random viewers. There are 7 important tips to help you boost your YouTube subscribers and boost your YouTube channel video views.

– Make videos:

Sounds obvious, but you need to keep feeding your channel with new content so people can find you.

– Make videos regularly – schedule:

As you start to get random views you need to start building the routine for a viewer. Why not upload a video on a set day? This could be daily, weekly or monthly but try to stick to it that way people know when to expect a new video from you

– Let your viewers know when you will make a video and how to subscribe:

Tell your viewers when you will be uploading your videos. That way they will come back but also make sure you ask them to subscribe that way when you do upload a new video, YouTube will send them an email to tell them you have a new video for them.

– Share videos with your social media:

You’ve made a video so make sure people know it exists! Share it with friends, family and your social media accounts otherwise you may have well put a sign post in the middle of a field that no-one ever walks in.

– Share videos on related sites:

This is a good tip for expanding your audience. Your social media is full of people who have seen you before and expect videos from you while other sites are full of people that have yet to find you so this could be a way to spark their interest.

– Stick to it

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a loyal YouTube viewer and YouTube subscriber base isn’t either. The more videos you publish, the more chances people will have to find you and share your content. And then the more subscribers you have, the more they can share, so make sure you stick around for the long haul.

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It can be very tempting to take short cuts in social media. Everyone has seen them and no doubt you may have had an email or a social media message offering you the chance to “Buy Active YouTube Subscribers” or “Buy Fake Twitter Followers,” etc. Although these offers can look nice and the subscriber count may go up, these are indeed inactive user accounts and in the long run will either get removed by the YouTube subscribers account checker looking for fake YouTube accounts, or in the worst case scenario, could get your account banned entirely due to YouTube community standard breaches.

Also with YouTube subscribers it is QUALITY over QUANTITY! You want active YouTube subscribers to watch your videos so they can share them with friends, like your videos and comment on them. YouTube comments, YouTube likes, and YouTube subscribers are the most powerful and effective ways to help your channel get seen, shared, and grow.


YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme! YouTube should be a place for you to share your opinions, have a laugh and to expand a business or social media reach. If you are looking to join YouTube wondering, “How do I make a viral YouTube video?” rather than How to Grow a YouTube Channel then you are looking at this in the wrong light entirely.

YouTube is a social media platform and is there for you to make friends, build connections and have fun, so make sure you don’t forget the fun!

I wish you all the luck in the world 🙂

And remember – If you would like to see what I did with all these Grow a YouTube Channel tips then check out my videos at

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