My Secret To YouTube Growth – Make People Care About You #StartCreatingPodcast ep 0016

The Secret To Growing on YouTube – I have been on YouTube for 7-8 years and for 2 1/2 of those years I have been making YouTube help tutorials and tips videos. I am about to hit 10K subscribers in the coming months and I have a secret that everyone can use to do the same. You have to make people care and offer them something worth their time.

When growing on social media there are a few things to bare in mind, here is my secret formula.

1 – Lead with Value – Give them something they want.
2 – Slowly introduce personality.
3 – Be stubborn – Stick with your niche, keep going, keep investing and getting better.
4 – NEVER Give Up!


7 Tips for Building your YouTube channel

It can be hard to start on YouTube these days but if you nail the basics you will give yourself a huge head start.

1. Determine Your Goals for the Channel

First, it’s important to decide if you even want a YouTube channel for your store. It’s a lot of work, but the benefit to your business could be astounding.

Having a YouTube channel affords you a free method of marketing to potential customers. Think of it just like an email list. Your YouTube subscribers are signing up to be notified when you release new video content. This can be a powerful force if built and maintained correctly.

It has taken years and over 350 videos to reach our nearly 10K Subs. However, our website traffic is comprised predominantly of visits from YouTube as well as direct visits. In fact, these two segments account for 50 percent of our traffic. Add in organic search traffic (thank you universal search results) and nearly 75 percent of our traffic is “free.” We spend very little on traditional Internet advertising because we’ve built a name for ourselves via YouTube.

Now that you’ve decided to create a YouTube channel, your second step is determining what you want to achieve with your channel. Are you trying to build loyalty with current customers or obtain new customers? What type of customers are you looking for on YouTube? Experienced or newbies? Until you can answer these questions, you can’t start creating content.

Let’s assume that you sell dollhouse supplies. Do you want to offer tips-and-tricks videos? Do you want to showcase new products with video? Do you want to highlight amazing dollhouses from around the world? You may wish to do all of these things, but it’s probably best to have a laser-like focus when you begin.

Determining the focus of your channel should be the result of researching other channels on YouTube as well as your innate knowledge of your business. So, don’t duplicate what other channels are doing. Think about the common questions your customers ask. They’re probably also looking for these answers on Google (which loves to show videos from YouTube in its search results). Use these resources to refine the purpose of your channel.

2. Invest in Ideas and Concepts, Not Equipment

You probably already own all of the equipment you need to start your YouTube channel: a smartphone. But what you probably desperately lack is a great idea and a great concept for your channel. You should spend a ton of time figuring out your niche.

Start by writing down 50 to 100 ideas for videos. Think deeply about the titles of these videos. Type them into YouTube’s search box to see what comes up. See what your competitors are doing. See what hobbyists are doing. Figure out where they’re falling short and devise a way to create better content.

Content is king. Nothing is more important. Launching your YouTube channel is akin to launching a new business. Treat it as such.

3. Keep Your Videos As Short As They Need To Be

In today’s world, viewers want bite-sized chunks of information. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you won’t be able to get away with videos more than 2 minutes long, unless you deliver VALUE.

Remember that when you’re starting out, viewers don’t know you. All they have to judge whether they’ll click to watch your video is the title, thumbnail, and length of the video.

4. Design Thumbnails That Pop

Thumbnails, along with the title of your video, are really all you have to market your video (until you start to build an audience).

Sure, YouTube uses your video’s description and tags in its search index. But on the results page, where you’re competing with all of the other videos available for viewers to watch, your title and thumbnail are all you have to separate yourself. So make sure your thumbnail stands out.

Check out the YouTube search result for “pranks.” When I do this, I am drawn most to the thumbnails with the large text on them.

Thumbnails with larger text stand out in YouTube’s search results.

Other tips include using a face as well as designing simple images with only a few elements, a solid (and bright) background color, and a solitary foreground image that pops off the page. Check out some of these examples.

Compelling thumbnails on YouTube.

Simple images are effective.

Thumbnails with text stand out.

The bottom line is that you should never use one of the suggested thumbnail images that YouTube provides when you upload your video. You should be designing them yourself.

5. Title Your Videos with Search Engines and Humans in Mind

The same SEO techniques that you’re using on your web pages apply to your video titles. Include a keyword, but make sure the title is enticing to a human.

Also, the first two lines of your video’s description are usually shown on YouTube’s search results. Make those two lines count.

Make the first two lines count for your video’s description.

6. Engage Your Audience Via Comments

Don’t be a nameless and faceless entity. Audiences on YouTube want to connect with their favorite channels. One simple way to do this is to engage in the comments section of your videos. Yes, this can be time consuming. But anything worth doing is worth doing right.

7. Ask Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel Everywhere You Can

At the end of your videos, tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel. One common technique is to create an “end slate” for every one of your videos where you ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and to check out some of your other videos.

On Facebook, tell your followers to subscribe to your channel. Do the same on Twitter and Instagram. Do this on your website, too. Don’t be shy. You’re creating terrific content, right? So tell your viewers how to get more of it.


YouTube Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint – (Grow On YouTube) #RANT

YouTube Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint (Grow On YouTube) // To grow a youtube channel in 2019 and grow on youtube you have to understand and accept one very important fact – YouTube Is A MARATHON and NOT A SPRINT! For you to make a successful youtuber and be successful on YouTube you have to play for the long haul and the long term growth. Once you put in enough time, enough content to build a back catalog, and dedicated your time to learning how to make better videos…. only then will your channel grow.

YouTube Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

You need to get over the numbers and you need to focus on quality content, within your set niche and pump out regular, reliable, helpful content that people search for and want to see. Once you finally commit to the long hard grind that is long term success on YouTube you will finally open your mind to the amount of work you need to put in to make it all work.

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel with How To Videos

My tried and test youtube channel growth strategy that help people learn and grow their youtube channel using the power of evergreen how to content. Grow a youtube channel fast with searchable, rank high in youtube search and get more views with tutorials.

How To videos are my secret weapon when it comes to youtube success, youtube views, growing on youtube and getting more subscribers in 2019. If you can help people with How To evergreen content you will win their loyalty and increase views, engagement and subscriber counts!

How To Grow On YouTube 2019 Growth Strategy

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Why Is My Channel Growth So Slow? – Growing Slowly on YouTube – RANT

Why Is My Channel Growth So Slow? – Growing Slowly on YouTube – YouTube RANT // How To Grow on YouTube is a question I am asked on a regular basis. Everyone seems so worried that they are growing slowly… but I say SLOW growth is good, SLOW growth is better than NO GROWTH. Use the time to LEARN how to grow your channel, learn how to get better at YouTube, learn what your AUDIENCE is looking for.

YouTube is a long haul game and you should not expect rapid growth within a week. In fact you should be focusing on getting better and should ignore the views and sub count until you have at least 100 videos. This gives you time to learn what you need to do to make videos, what your audience wants and how you can share your videos properly. Once you have the practice, you will have the skills you need to grow your channel more reliably.

How To Grow on YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikvvm_04nh0&list=PL09mwoOn57VTuqfSiylriWClmSwDlp0NR




HOW TO GROW ON YOUTUBE – HOW TO BECOME A YOUTUBER (EP 7) // Grow your youtube channel in 2018 and 2019. Everyone wants to see all their hard work pay off. Growing a YouTube channel in 2019 will take time, patience and a few of these tips.

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