Hello! My name is Alan & I am a stats-aholic!

Alan Spicer – UK Based YouTube Certified Expert, Father, Tea Drinker, Social Media Growth Management, YouTube Educator, Cat Lover and Stats Junky – that’s quite a long list of things to put on a business card so let me give you some context…

My initial love affair with stats, social media and web design started when I was 15 years old (all those many many moons ago), when I founded and built a wrestling fan website. This community grew to over 16,000 rabid ‘fans of wrestling’, sparking my love for all things stats, social media and web development.

Spin forward a few years later and in 2007 I finally helped to found a web development company. In the first few years I was the ‘sales guy’ and ‘social media’ expert, but overtime as I fell in love with the industry I started to learn more and more… This first love affair ended in an amicable split when I left the business to go freelance/self employed – and never looked back!

Then my soul mate found me… Social Media & YouTube!

In the early spring on 2012 my love of stats and social media finally led me to YouTube. This is the ultimate blend of Social Media Marketing, Community Building and enough stats to drown in! Since then I have made 3000+ videos, helped develop social media brands, achieved millions of views for personal and client based projects.
I can also proudly confirm that I am a UK based Fully Certified YouTube Consultant accredited by the YouTube Academy. YouTube Certification in YouTube Channel Growth, YouTube Asset Monetisation and YouTube Content Ownership.

Former member of the VidIQ Customer Success Team and a consultant to the brand. Consulting large brands and understanding machine learning, SEO, AI and user trends within the social media world.

Over the last few years I have worked with blue chip companies for web development, social media and YouTube consultancy, including possibly hundreds of SMEs. Personal promotional works with Music Festivals, Holiday Companies, Online Retailer Muscle Food UK, Music Video Channel Kerrang TV, Talent Search Competition Open Mic UK, Naughty Snack Brand Pot Noodle, Glasses Retailer Firmoo and YouTube Tool Brands TubeBuddy and ViqIQ.

YouTube Marketing Consultant for breakout Kids Animation project Woof and Joy combining children’s entertainment with education – in association with Kingston University London. Smashing our way to over 350,000 subscribers in just 10 months.

If you need any help with your Social Media Marketing, or YouTube Channel growth, get in touch