12 YouTube Features KILLED OFF by YouTube

YouTube is constantly evolving and updating to better serve its users, but with change comes the loss of beloved features. Here are some of the features that YouTube users miss the most:

  • The YouTube Video Editor: This feature was a game changer for amateur filmmakers, allowing them to edit their videos directly on YouTube. It was removed in September 2017, and users were left to either use third-party software or upload pre-edited videos. But don’t worry, there are still a few online alternatives to the Video Editor.
  • YouTube annotations: Remember those little clickable notes that used to pop up on videos? Well, they were called annotations, and they were removed in May 2017. YouTube users loved using annotations to add extra information or links to their videos, but Google decided to encourage users to use end screens and cards instead.
  • Google Video: Google Video was a precursor to YouTube, but it was eventually merged with the video-sharing giant. Unfortunately, the Google Video website was shut down in August 2012, but its legacy lives on through YouTube.
  • Google Video Player: This stand-alone media player was a great way to watch Google Videos, but it was also shut down in 2012.
  • Google Video for Business: Businesses could use this feature to host and share videos on their own websites, but it was also shut down in 2012.
  • YouTube comments on Google+: YouTube comments were integrated with the Google+ social network in 2013, but in 2019, Google announced that it would be separating the comments feature from Google+ and bringing it back to the classic YouTube commenting system.

These are just a few of the features that YouTube users miss the most, but with every update, new and exciting features are introduced. We may miss the old features, but we can’t wait to see what YouTube has in store for us next.

YouTube Beta Testing

Did you know that YouTube will pay you to test new features?


7 Secret YouTube Features All YouTubers MUST Use

YouTube has many hidden secrets and here are 7 secret youtube features and youtube hacks that all new YouTubers should know. YouTube Tips 2018 for small and new YouTubers looking to get more YouTube subscribers and grow their channel in 2018.

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7 Secret YouTube Features

1 – Scheduled Uploads

This allows you to upload a video in advance and publish it at a later date without you needing to manually do so. This can be a huge help when you want to go away on a holiday but don’t want to manage your content while you are away.

2 – Featured Video or Playlist (this feature may be retired in 2018)

This is an automated pop up during your videos that remind or guides a user to a related topical video or your latest upload.

3 – Channel Watermark (may be retired in 2018)

This adds a little image in the bottom right of your video that can act as a branding reminder and/or a subscribe button.

4 – YouTube Channel Custom Layout

A rookie mistake for many YouTubers is failing to maximise their channel page.. If you hook up your YouTube channel to a web page you can active the custom page layout and pimp out your playlists!

5 – Upload Defaults

Save yourself time by setting up a template to upload to. This can include titles, description details ie social media links you always have and regular recurring tags.

6 – Closed Caption aka Subtitles

Adding subtitles can help your not native language audience to still engage in your videos. You may have a viewer that can’t understand spoken english but can read english.

7 – Translations

This helps you translate your channel and video details into other languages. These can then also be indexed by YouTube as potential rankable metadata for search.


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