YouTube Algorithm 2018 – YouTube Search Rankings & Discovery (2/7)


YouTube Algorithm 2018 – YouTube Search Rankings & Discovery (2/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – YouTube Search & Discovery

A deep dive into the YouTube Search Algorithm for 2018 and How To Rank On YouTube. To rank in search you need to consider your metadata – titles, descriptions, keyword tags, thumbnails, closed captions and translations.

Picking the right keywords can tags can help you teach the YouTube Algorithm what your video is about. You need to tag for the category, you channel niche and for the related phases for your video – I use TUBE BUDDY to help me –

Also I have a tagging system that uses 3 Levels Of YouTube tags to help me structure my terms –

Once you have a solid selection of keywords and search terms for the YouTube Search Algorithm to disgust it will them try to match your videos to other related videos. These may be your own videos, videos in the same niche or the top ranking videos in that topic. It can then assess how relevant your video is compared to others and over time it will sink or float to the top.

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By Alan Spicer - YouTube Certified Expert

UK Based - YouTube Certified Expert Alan Spicer is a YouTube and Social Media consultant with over 15 years of knowledge within web design, community building, content creation and YouTube channel building.

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