YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Suggested Videos (3/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – Suggested Videos // A deep dive into the YouTube Search Algorithm for 2018 and How To Get Your Videos Suggested. YouTube suggests videos on the right hand side and underneath all videos. The can win you large boosts in YouTube views but how do you hack YouTube to get suggested more?

Getting on the YouTube Suggested Videos can help rapidly grow your channel but you have you teach the YouTube Algorithm what to suggest you against. The YouTube Algorithm in 2018 forms habits based on viewers behaviours. In other words, if you teach the YouTube Algorithm to expect people to watch your video and then go to a set other video, it will start suggesting that video more in future.

But how can you hack the youtube algorithm and suggested videos section? It’s simple… cards, endscreen annotations, playlist and comments. If you get your viewers to follow information cards, or guide them towards playlists and endscreen links, it shows YouTube that those videos are related in some way.

YouTube Playlists can also be a very powerful to feed the youtube suggested videos algorithm as you can set a playlist to “series” and that forces the autoplay to suggest the next video in the playlist. This build a behavioral pattern that YouTube can then track.

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