How To Create A YouTube Upload Schedule

How To Create A YouTube Upload Schedule // It’s time to schedule your youtube videos, upload videos and publish them in the best way to maximise views, boost watch time and in the best way to match your audience. An upload schedule will help teach your subscribers who you are, what you do and most importantly WHEN you will publish your content.

How To Create A YouTube Upload Schedule

1 – Be Honest With Yourself – Schedule Your Upload Content and Make More! Are you making too many videos? Do you need to make more videos? 3-4 Videos a Week is the sweet spot. Too few and people will forget you, too many and people will get bored of you and you will burn out faster.

2 – Match Your Upload Schedule to Your Audience – You need to understand who your audience are to best meet their needs. In the YouTube Analytics you will see how old they are and what country they are in. You can then tailor your YouTube Video Schedule to match their lifestyle and meet them where they are waiting for you. After work, after school or on weekends 🙂

3 – Create A YouTube Upload Schedule to Match THEIR needs. Is your audience young school kids? Then its best to publish before or after school or at weekends to match the times they are around. Are they in the UK or US? Shift the time to match their their time zone.