4 Tips for Great Content Creation For Blogs and Landing Pages

Content Creation & Getting Results in Search Engines

Not everyone understands the connection between getting results in Google and the art of content creation, its important for you as a website owner understand the two go hand in hand, improving your search engine results and creating great content.

Every website owner knows that good content creation is essential for a successful website. Content entices visitors, drives sales, and enhances the likelihood of your site garnering links. While there are many companies that claim to create good UK content for the landing pages and articles for your business website and blog, not all of them can be trusted to give you the results you desire and a rewarding return on investment.

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However, HD1 Web Design focuses on creating content with a purpose, from highly persuasive sales copies to blog articles and content purely made for link purposes.

The process of content creation involves researching the client’s website and the business’ target audience, in order to understand the kind of content that is required, and keep the end user at the forefront of any ideas.

Typical services include copywriting for sales, press releases or ebooks; website content creation for articles, blog posts or product descriptions; link asset creation; and guest blog posts.

Businesses need high quality landing pages and website content to avoid high bounce rates. To achieve this, the website needs to create trust, understanding, and credibility, fast, before the prospective client decides to check out a competitor. Some guidelines for creating great content include:

Include custom infographics or videos for different kinds of visitors

It is important to create an infographic or a video that resonates well with your company’s target audience. Some of the things that HD1 Web Design would consider include: whether your market would prefer an animated explanation or the CEO on camera; or they prefer audio with personality or just someone to state the facts.

By customizing content to a certain type of visitor, you will be addressing the needs and questions of a specific, prospective customer. This is actually why your landing pages exist. The video or infographic should be designed to respond to a visitor’s queries quickly and satisfactorily.

Include one call for action at a time on your website

First time visitors to your site want quick answers, so you need to convey your products, service, benefits of your site, or business ideas within 45-90 seconds of your content. Include only one call for action from your visitors, so it is clear what they are expected to do.

If you give people too many options, they will probably end up not making a decision at all.

See it from the consumer’s perspective

Basically, content creation and creators need to ask themselves how they would rather receive some information from a website: would it be better to read a lengthy chunk of text, bullet point or numbered list, or watch a video?

Videos and lists are easy to break down and grasp. Once you choose a format, you need to determine its length, like a short 2-minute video; 1 minute primer; or a 300, 500 or 700 word article.

Optimize and track analytic data on your Website

Your landing pages and content are probably aimed at lead-generation or sales, so you will want to optimize them for search engines – Back to how do I get better search engine results. There are different SEO strategies for articles and videos, but what is common between them is the need for relevant keywords, and never write content without your client in mind, content for search engines only has very little point to it..

The keywords are determined based on the objective of the marketing campaign or website project. It is also important to look at page analytic’s to see who is viewing your content and how long they stay on a page, in order to adjust the content accordingly.

When creating content, it is important to remain focused on delivering the right content, or else the conversion rates will remain low. Testing different bits of information is slow, so it is best to get it right first time by working with professionals, like HD1 Web Design.