Should You Delete Your Old YouTube Videos?

I have been on YouTube since 2012 with a glut of well over 3000 videos on multiple channels so I find myself asking those very common questions.

Should I Delete Old YouTube Videos? If you have been on YouTube for a while you will start to collect old videos. But should you delete old youtube videos? Why should you delete old youtube videos? and why you should NOT delete videos on YouTube.

Getting to it directly, should you delete old youtube videos? – No, not unless they hurt your channels growth or your ongoing brand. You may want to keep your old videos for memories or content to link to for future growth.

I have 3 questions I like to ask myself when deciding the fate of my old videos.

1 — Does that old YouTube video still get you traffic? Why cut off a stream of views and traffic just because the video is old, embarrassing or poorly made.

2 — Does it harm you or your brand? Was it a misguided video of you when you was 12 yeas old shouting things like an uneducated idiot? Could it hard your business? Consider removing it.

3 — Does the video inspire you? Can you look back at this video and see how far you have grown? Does it inspire you to see how much you have learnt? Maybe keep it it inspire others who want to see you life story and personal growth.