How to Tag Your YouTube Videos – Keyword YouTube Optimisation


How to Tag Your YouTube Videos – Keyword YouTube Optimisation

Rank Better with YouTube Optimisation – Tagging Your YouTube Videos

Tagging your youtube video is an extremely important factor of YouTube Optimisation & YouTube SEO. Tags allow you to be discovered for the keywords and titles you want to rank for in YouTube Search and Related/Suggested content to get your videos discovered by the masses.

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The Honeymoon Period – YouTube Optimisation Foundation Building

The Honeymoon period for YouTube Optimisation is the first 5-7 days after you post your video. In this period YouTube solely relies on the metadata you have provided to rank your video in YouTube Search and normally gives it an extra boost by displaying it in the first few pages to see how well it does. Once this honeymoon period is over, YouTube then has enough information collected from various Datapoints such as Click Throughs from search and related videos, Watch Times and user retention rates about your video and then ranks it accordingly based on the information it has collated.

This why during this period it is vital we crush YouTube Optimisation, providing accurate metadata to give your videos that extra boost as well as having appealing video thumbnails and titles to improve clickthroughs.

What Keywords to Use to Rank Videos

YouTube Optimisation is a fine art and usually people just throw in a lot of random tags into their tag boxes and usually spam it out with irrelevant tags. This is such bad practice. There are a few rules you need to follow to rank well in YouTube Search and Suggested using the following types of keywords when you are adding tags to your video.

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