YouTube Algorithm 2018 – YouTube Home Page (4/7)


YouTube Algorithm 2018 – YouTube Home Page (4/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – Home Page // The Home Page is a YouTube Algorithm compiled list of subscribed channels, related content and suggested videos. It is important to know How To Get On The YouTube Page in 2018.

YouTube’s Home Page used to be the making and breaking factor on many early YouTuber’s careers back in the day. In the early years on YouTube the homepage was manually selected and globally viewed. YouTube Home Page in 2018 heavily influenced by the YouTube Algorithm your viewing habits and related content.

This means you have a chance to use YouTube Tips 2018 to hack the YouTube home page by teaching it behaviours to follow. Just like suggested videos, if you continue to show YouTube a pattern it will learn to replicate it. So for you to get on the YouTube home page you need to get viewer to act predictably.

Push your viewing audience to click on annotations, to watch certain related content or trap them in a Playlist. What this does is tell the YouTube  algorithm that you like watching this creators videos and it will show more of them on the Home Page. Or if you link out to fellow YouTubers in your videos it will relate you to them and start suggesting your videos against theirs in other Home Pages.

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