What Happened To Smosh?


What Happened To Smosh?

In the early days of YouTube, it was all about cat videos and viral memes. But in 2005, two childhood friends from Sacramento, California, decided to start their own YouTube channel, and the rest is history.

Smosh, created by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, quickly became one of the most popular channels on the platform, known for their hilarious skits and parodies.

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At their peak, Smosh had over 22 million subscribers and was one of the top 10 most subscribed channels on YouTube. Their videos had billions of views, and they even had their own movie, “Smosh: The Movie,” released in 2015.

But as the saying goes, what goes up must come down. In recent years, Smosh has undergone significant changes, with the departure of key members and a shift in the type of content they produce.

So, what happened to Smosh? Let’s take a closer look at the rise and fall of this YouTube sensation.

The Rise of Smosh

Smosh’s success can be attributed to several factors, including their relatable humor, catchy skits, and clever parodies. They were also early adopters of YouTube, and their channel was one of the first to gain mainstream popularity.

In the early days, Smosh’s content was mostly focused on parodying pop culture, such as their “Pokemon Theme Song” video, which went viral in 2005. They also created original skits, such as “Ian’s First Girlfriend,” which featured the two friends in hilarious situations.

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As their popularity grew, Smosh began to expand their brand. They launched a website, merchandise line, and even a mobile game. They also collaborated with other YouTubers, such as Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson, and appeared on mainstream TV shows, such as “The Ellen Show” and “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

The Fall of Smosh

Despite their early success, Smosh began to experience some setbacks in recent years. In 2017, co-founder Anthony Padilla announced that he was leaving the channel to pursue other projects. This was a major blow to the brand, as Padilla was a key member of the duo and had been with the channel since its inception.

Following Padilla’s departure, Smosh underwent significant changes. They restructured their company and brought in new members, such as YouTuber Courtney Miller and comedian Shayne Topp. They also shifted their content to focus more on sketch comedy and “reality” shows, such as “Smosh Pit,” where the cast reacts to viral videos and memes.

These changes were not without controversy. Some fans were upset by the departure of Padilla and the shift in content, which they felt was less funny and more focused on clickbait. Smosh also faced criticism for their handling of mental health issues among their cast members, with some accusing the brand of exploiting their struggles for views.

Despite these challenges, Smosh has continued to produce content and maintain a loyal fanbase. They have over 9 million subscribers and are still one of the most popular comedy channels on YouTube. They also recently launched their own podcast, “SmoshCast,” which features behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with members of the Smosh crew.

Year Subscribers
2005 0
2006 3,000,000
2007 4,000,000
2008 5,000,000
2009 7,000,000
2010 10,000,000
2011 13,000,000
2012 15,000,000
2013 18,000,000
2014 21,000,000
2015 22,000,000
2016 22,500,000
2017 23,000,000
2018 24,000,000
2019 24,500,000
2020 25,000,000
2021 25,500,000
2022 26,000,000
2023 26,500,000

Note: These subscriber numbers are approximate and are based on publicly available data.

Another interesting stat is the number of views Smosh has received over the years. According to Social Blade, Smosh’s videos have received over 13 billion views since the channel was created in 2005.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Smosh has faced some criticism over the years for their handling of mental health issues among their cast members. This has led to some backlash from fans and critics alike. However, Smosh has taken steps to address these issues, such as partnering with mental health organizations and raising awareness about mental health in their videos.

Smosh’s Future: What’s Next?

Smosh’s future is somewhat uncertain, but there are signs that the channel will continue to thrive. They have recently launched a new gaming channel, “Smosh Games,” which has already amassed over 8 million subscribers. They also continue to experiment with new types of content, such as their “Smosh Pit” series.

One of the keys to Smosh’s success has been their ability to adapt to changing trends and audience preferences. They have proven to be a resilient brand that is willing to take risks and try new things. While the future may hold some challenges, it’s likely that Smosh will continue to be a major player in the world of YouTube comedy.

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Q: Who founded Smosh?

A: Smosh was founded by childhood friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla in 2005.

Q: Why did Anthony Padilla leave Smosh?

A: Anthony Padilla left Smosh in 2017 to pursue other projects. In a statement, he said that he wanted to explore his creative interests outside of Smosh and thanked fans for their support over the years.

Q: Who is currently part of Smosh?

A: Smosh currently consists of a rotating cast of cast members, including Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, Shayne Topp, Olivia Sui, Keith Leak Jr., Noah Grossman, and others.

Q: What kind of content does Smosh produce?

A: Smosh produces a variety of comedic content, including sketch comedy, parody videos, and reaction videos. They also have a gaming channel, Smosh Games, where they play and comment on video games.

Q: What happened to the original Smosh channel?

A: The original Smosh channel is still active and has over 25 million subscribers. However, the content they produce has shifted significantly since the departure of Anthony Padilla.

Q: What is “Smosh Pit”?

A: “Smosh Pit” is a series produced by Smosh that features the cast reacting to viral videos and memes. It is one of the newer types of content that Smosh has produced since the departure of Anthony Padilla.

Q: What is the future of Smosh?

A: The future of Smosh is somewhat uncertain, but they continue to produce new content and experiment with new formats. They have also launched a podcast, “SmoshCast,” which features behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with members of the Smosh crew.

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