What Happened To Alex Day aka Nerimon?


What Happened To Alex Day aka Nerimon?

Alex Day, better known by his YouTube username Nerimon, was once one of the most popular British YouTubers, with over 1 million subscribers and millions of views on his videos.

However, his career took a dramatic turn in 2014 when he was accused of manipulative and abusive behaviour towards women, leading to his downfall in the YouTube community.

Day first rose to fame in the late 2000s with his witty and relatable vlogs about his life as a musician and YouTuber. He was part of a group of British YouTubers known as the “BritPack,” which included well-known creators such as Charlie McDonnell and TomSka. Day’s channel grew rapidly, and he became known for his catchy music and clever song parodies, including “Forever Yours” and “Lady Godiva.”

In 2012, Day released his debut album, “Paranormal,” which reached the top 20 on the UK album charts. He also collaborated with other YouTubers and musicians, including Tom Milsom and Carrie Hope Fletcher. Day’s popularity continued to grow, and he was nominated for several awards, including a Shorty Award for Best YouTube Musician.

However, in 2014, Day’s career took a drastic turn when several women came forward with allegations of emotional manipulation and abuse. One woman claimed that Day had pressured her into a sexual relationship, while others accused him of using his fame and influence to control them. Day initially denied the allegations, but eventually issued a public apology and admitted to his abusive behaviour.

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The fallout from the allegations was swift and severe.

Day’s fans and collaborators turned against him, and many of his videos and music were removed from YouTube and other platforms. He also faced financial repercussions, with several merchandise and album sales being refunded.

Day has largely disappeared from the public eye since the allegations, although he did release a statement in 2017 apologizing for his past behaviour and stating that he had undergone therapy and sought to make amends. However, his career as a YouTuber and musician remains largely in ruins.

The rise and fall of Alex Day is a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked power and influence in online communities. It also highlights the need for accountability and responsibility in the age of social media and online fame.

Alex Day has 2 books on Amazon. One that covers his career in his own words Living And Dying On The Internet. While the other book is a comedic look into the London Underground and mini stories for each station called The Underground Storyteller.

Q: Who is Alex Day?

A: Alex Day is a YouTuber, musician, and writer who gained popularity on YouTube in the late 2000s and early 2010s. He was known for his music videos, comedy sketches, and vlogs, and he has also written several books.

Q: What kind of content did Alex Day create on YouTube?

A: Alex Day’s YouTube channel featured a variety of content, including music videos, comedy sketches, and vlogs. He also collaborated with other YouTubers on various projects.

Q: What are some of Alex Day’s most popular videos on YouTube?

A: Some of Alex Day’s most popular videos on YouTube include “Forever Yours,” “I’ve Got What It Takes,” “Lady Godiva,” and “The Time of Your Life.”

Q: Why is Alex Day controversial?

A: Alex Day has been involved in some controversy, including allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards women. These allegations have not been proven in a court of law, and Day has denied them.

Q: What has Alex Day been doing since the controversy?

A: After the controversy, Alex Day took a break from social media and YouTube. He has not posted any new videos or music since 2014.

Q: Where is Alex Day now?

A: It is unclear where Alex Day is currently located or what he is doing. He has not been active on social media or YouTube in several years, but he did voice his wishes to get a “real job” and move on from his social media fame.

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