How to Write a YouTube Script

There are many YouTubers with what some would call the “gift of gab”, who are able to sit down (or stand up) in front of a camera and chatter away for a solid twenty minutes or longer with little more than a few scribbled notes for prompting. For those lucky few, YouTube can be a magical place. For many of us, much more work is required to make the YouTube dream a reality, and scripts soon become an important part of the process.

Unfortunately, knowing that you need a script for your YouTube videos and knowing how to write a YouTube script are two very different things. Fortunately, you have lovely articles like this one to help you along!

Know Your YouTuber

If you are writing a script for yourself—as many YouTubers do—this part should be relatively simple for you. We can all stand to learn a little more about ourselves, but hopefully you know yourself at least a little.

However, if you are writing a script for another YouTuber, it is important to know a little about them. Script writing can be a bit strange at times, since you are only creating part of the final product. A good script can die in the hands of a bad actor, just as a bad script can get by in the hands of a good actor. But the best scripts results are often achieved when the words on the page and the person reading them mesh.

If at all possible, you should write your script with the voice of the YouTuber who will be reading it in mind. We’re not talking about their literal voice (though that can sometimes help, too), but their voice in a broader, more metaphorical sense. Does what you’re writing suit their personality? Will it sound right coming out of their mouth?

Ultimately, a good YouTuber will be able to work with what they got, but why make it hard for them? And, if you are writing your own script, why make it hard for yourself?

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Format Your Script Appropriately

Most YouTubers don’t embark on their YouTube career knowing how to write a proper script from the get go. Perhaps if you have a background in film studies, or you are an aspiring screenwriter, you will know the technical side of putting a script together.

However, that’s not what we mean.

Formatting your script appropriately is a contextual thing. If you are writing a script for a big YouTube channel, or perhaps you are making a short movie for YouTube, you should probably make that script look as professional and legitimate as possible. That being said, if you are writing for another YouTuber, they might have their own preferred format. And, if you are writing for yourself, you can pretty much do as you please as long as the result is usable by you!

Do Your Research

Working with a script provides a golden opportunity to be right first time. With live broadcasts—especially when the thing being broadcast includes interactions with uncontrollable external elements, like other people—there will always be an element of uncertainty. Things may get said that are not correct. Mistakes may get made.

Not so with produced videos.

If you are going to be taking the time to write out a script, take advantage of that process to ensure that everything you are saying is correct, both in a factual sense and in the sense that it works from a tone and cadence perspective.

Make Sure There is a Structure

When you boil it down, a script is just a story. In the same way that a work of fiction, or a blog post, or a news article has to have certain elements, so should your script.

There should be an introduction, where you establish the premise of the video while also grabbing the viewer’s attention. Remember, most viewers who decide to pass on your video will do it in the early stages. There should be a middle, which will contain the meat of the content. And, finally, there should be an end, or conclusion, where you satisfyingly finish the video and leave the viewers happy that they stuck around for the whole thing.

While the writing style is obviously very different, it can help to consider the elements of your script as though they were a blog post or short story. Is the viewer given reason to stay? Are they given what the video promised them? Is it entertaining?

Try It Out!

Do not, we repeat, do not just patter out a script on your keyboard, proofread it, and call it a day. As much as we all like to think that the voice in our heads is a reliable mirror of reality, the truth is that all manner of problems can be missed if you don’t—at the very least—read the script aloud before you mentally sign off on it.

The ideal scenario would be you reading your script to someone else, so you can get their opinion on it as well as your own, but if you can’t get another person involved, consider recording a dry read—it can be audio only—and listening back. This will often help you catch any weird quirks or difficult sentences that looked fine on the page.

Final Thoughts

YouTube scripts aren’t for everyone, and anyone that tells you otherwise should be given a healthy dose of suspicious side-eye.

That being said, they will help far more people than they harm, as most of us are just not that adept at free-flowing, natural sounding speech without something to help us along. Of course, speaking naturally while reading a script is also a skill that needs to be learned, but it is an easier skill than speaking off the cuff without any script at all.

If we could reiterate one piece of advice, however, it would be to read your script aloud before signing off on it. You would be amazed at what you can miss when you’re reading things in your head.

Top 5 Tools To Get You Started on YouTube

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Big mistake!

I soon realized the move time you put into your editing and the more engaging your thumbnails are the more views you will get and the more people will trust you enough to subscribe.

That is why I took the plunge and invested in my editing and design process with Adobe Creative Suite. They offer a WIDE range of tools to help make amazing videos, simple to use tools for overlays, graphics, one click tools to fix your audio and the very powerful Photoshop graphics program to make eye-catching thumbnails.

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How To Report Videos on YouTube – Flag YouTube Videos

You just come across a video that you think it shouldn’t be on YouTube, I’m going to teach you how to report that video and make the environment safer for everybody else.


How To Report Videos on YouTube – Flag YouTube Videos


Hello and welcome back to another video. I’m Alan Spicer, your YouTube certified expert and if you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, grow a YouTube channel, or push your brand out back into the second-largest search engine on the Internet, you should click Subscribe and start creating now.

Alan Spicer - YouTube certified expert

In an ever-changing world where there’s 400 hours worth of YouTube videos uploaded every minute, or every second, one of those stats is important, there is always going to be abuse when it comes to content.


Now, YouTube is cracking down on content, but they’re having to remove comment sections and they’re having to slap the risks of some completely innocent creators. But the best way for us as a community to police this kind of thing is to report videos that are indeed outside of the community guidelines.


Basically, if you find a video offensive, if it’s gory, if it’s violence, if it shouldn’t be on YouTube, if it’s clearly extremist, or dangerous to somebody’s mental health, physical health or well-being, then you can click the “Report” button and I’ll show you how you can do that.


Let’s go to the computer.


Okay, so you found a video that you want to report, maybe it’s insulting, maybe it’s triggered you, maybe it’s dangerous to people.


How To Report Videos on YouTube - Flag YouTube Videos


You go to the video, you scroll down, you’ll see “More,” and then in that drop down, you click “Report.”


How To Report Videos on YouTube - Flag YouTube Videos


At this point, it will give you the option of why you are reporting it. So, sexual content, violently repulsive, hateful or abusive content, dangerous harmful acts, child abuse, promotes terrorism, spam, infringes my rights or caption issues.


Once you pick on one, you can also have additional drops down. So, under “Infringes my rights” we have infringes my copyrights, invades my privacy, other legal claims.


How To Report Videos on YouTube - Flag YouTube Videos


Or if it’s “Sexual content,” let’s see what we have in the drop down: Graphic sexual activity, nudity, abusive in the description…


How To Report Videos on YouTube - Flag YouTube Videos


In the “Harmful dangerous acts” section, is it drug use? Is it suicide? That kind of thing.


How To Report Videos on YouTube - Flag YouTube Videos


When you’re done and you choose your option, you can highlight exactly the time stamp and type in a more detailed description of why this is a problem.


How To Report Videos on YouTube - Flag YouTube Videos


Then, you click “Submit.”


This then goes to a human being who then paws over this, and then they choose whether or not if it’s an acceptable flag or not.


Final Words

Alan Spicer - YouTube certified expert

For more YouTube tricks and tips that help you improve the community that we live in on YouTube, I’ve done a playlist up here. Remember to hit that Subscribe button, go out there, and start creating.


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