10 YouTube Channel Ideas for Kids

It can be easy to forget that YouTube hasn’t been around for that long. Founded in 2005, YouTube is a little over fifteen years old at the time of writing this post.

That means that even people born at the same time as YouTube are still children, and, if we’re being honest, it would be another few years before the service was anything like what know and love today. Factor in that parents are generally dissuaded from letting their children watch television for the first two years, and you can start to see why children’s content is such big business on YouTube.

Today’s children—those of around thirteen years old and under—are the first to grow up with YouTube.

No waiting until Saturday mornings for cartoons, or begging parents to pay extra for Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel—children today are the first to have access to a practically endless supply of entertainment in the form of YouTube. And studies show that most of them make full use of it.

10 Kid YouTube Channel Ideas

So, there is plenty of incentive to start a YouTube channel for children. The audience is there, without a doubt, and making fans of children can be relatively easily translated into an older fanbase later down the line. After all, that’s how people like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande were able to transition from acting in a children’s TV show to being a global pop star.

Of course, having good reasons for starting a YouTube channel is only part of the battle. You still need to have ideas for what you will put on that channel. And, if you’re reading this, we can safely assume you’re looking for a little inspiration in that area. So here are our top ten kid YouTube channel ideas.

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General Advice

It can be useful to think outside of the box from time to time. To that end, you shouldn’t consider the following suggestions as a definitive collection.

There will always be room to innovate, and ideas that haven’t been thought of, or have been thought of but never successfully executed, will always be out there for you to discover. That being said, there are some fairly fundamental aspects of making YouTube videos for children that apply regardless of your idea.

Be Parent-Friendly

Remember, the parents and guardians are the gatekeepers when it comes to what their children are allowed to see. Parents are very unlikely to sit down and watch your content before deciding to allow their children to do the same. More often, a parent’s first impression of a YouTube channel their child is watching will be in passing—walking by when their child has the channel on, for example.

Parents can be very reactionary at times, and if they catch even a glimpse of inappropriate content, they could shut your channel down in that home. In many cases, this might be an unfair reaction, but you have to understand that it is ultimately their decision, so it’s best to steer clear of things like innuendo, and grown-up jokes.

Don’t Abuse Your Power

Children are impressionable; it’s how they learn about the world around them. Putting on their parent’s shoes and pretending to go to work, dressing up as their favourite superhero.

They imitate the things they like, and if you become successful at this, you will be one of those things.

Do not abuse that power.

Think long and hard about what you do in your videos, and how your impressionable audience might react to it.

10 Kid YouTube Channel Ideas 1

Set Realistic Expectations

Due to various legal implications, videos that are considered “for kids” are excluded from targetted advertising. While this doesn’t mean that you can’t monetise these videos, it does significantly reduce the amount of revenue potential they have.

Of course, there are many ways of monetising a YouTube channel outside of YouTube’s own system, just be careful—if you’re seen as attempting to exploit your young audience, you could lose your channel.

1. Crafts

Though children sometimes need a little nudge to get started, crafts are a timeless way to keep them entertained. Ask any English child of the 90s about the Blue Peter’s Tracey Island episode, and there’s a good chance they’ll know what you’re talking about.

Be sure to focus your ideas around things that your audience will use. Making a pencil holder out of empty toilet roll tubes is very practical, but not necessarily something a young child would be interested in. A lot of this will depend on the age of the children you are making content for. For example, younger children prefer things they can play with, like making an aeroplane out of an old box. In contrast, children on the older end of the spectrum are more likely to be interested in practical things, like the pencil holder mentioned above.

2. Activities

Activities are a great option because they can be something that the parents can join in with. If you can not only entertain their children for a time but also give them ideas so that they can entertain their children, you will be a firm favourite with the parents.

Making your activities fun should be fundamental. However, if you can make them educational or developmental—or both—then you will be on good footing to succeed and grow as a kid Youtube channel. Things that involve fine motor skills, such as using drawing tools, are particularly useful for a child’s development. Also consider mental exercises, such as playing detective games.

3. Young Health

Child fitness is an ever-present concern in the developed world, where obesity is regularly cited in statistics regarding health conditions.

If you are into your fitness and have a flair with children, a fitness channel aimed at youngsters could be an excellent way to go.

This is another idea that will likely garner support from parents, who will probably be happy to see their children getting active. Of course, the trick to this kind of video is to make it fun for the children. If you just have them doing a series of different exercises, they’ll soon get bored. Make games of your activities, and try to come up with exciting variations on established exercise routines.

4. Lifehacks

It may sound like something that would only be useful for adults, but children love a good lifehack, too. That being said, what a child considers a lifehack is very different from an adult.

Thinking up lifehacks that the parents will like as well is a surefire way to get support from the grown-ups. For example, coming up with smart ways to keep a room tidy so that the children don’t get in trouble will also go down very well with the parents.

Other examples of child-orientated lifehacks might involve school-related things, such as personalising school bags or making secret compartments inside of pencil cases.

10 Kid YouTube Channel Ideas 2

5. Gaming

Gaming is a tried-and-tested kid YouTube idea, with some YouTubers amassing tens of millions of subscribers in this niche.

It should go without saying that you will need to keep things like profanity off of your channel, and games with a more adult theme are out of the question.

Beyond that, try to make the content enjoyable beyond the gameplay itself. YouTube gaming is a very competitive space, and it is unlikely that you will be alone in whatever game you decide to play. For that reason, the more you can do to stand out from the crowd, the more likely children will want to watch your videos rather than one of the other YouTubers.

One of the most successful examples of this kind of video is DanTDM, who initially became popular making Minecraft videos in which he would act out a story in the game. Other examples include YouTubers playing video games with their own children. Be sure to do your research and see what games children are interested in.

6. Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are popular with many demographics, and children are no exception. Of course, the contents of the box needs to be tailored to your young audience.

Children probably won’t be that interested in an unboxing video of a subscription food box. Toys are the obvious route to take, and you can add an extra level of engagement for your viewers by giving away the things you unbox. After all, if you are going to post regular videos and unbox something in each one, you’re going to end up with a lot of stuff!

A variation on unboxing videos involves making the items to be unboxed part of a game and having your own kids play that game. HobbyKidsTV is a particularly popular example of this.

One example might be putting the toys to be unboxed inside of a giant paper mache model of a villain, and having children dressed as superheroes beat the villain up to get to the toys.

7. Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are seemingly popular across many different audiences, including children. The key to reaction videos is you. There are plenty of reaction YouTubers out there, but the differentiating factor between each of them is their own personality. If two YouTubers react to the same movie trailer, the trailer won’t change, only their reactions will.

What this means is that, if you decide to go down this path, you need to put your whole personality into your videos. This is not a genre for reserved, camera-shy YouTubers. As always, be sure to keep your content child-friendly. Even one errant curse word making it onto your channel could ruin your credibility as a kid YouTube channel.

Also, remember your audience when reacting. Children most likely won’t care about the latest Christopher Nolan film, but the next Sonic the Hedgehog movie is a different matter. You might react to the latest Fortnite announcement or a big scene from a Marvel movie. Just be careful not to fall afoul of any copyright infringement.

10 Kid YouTube Channel Ideas 3

8. Character Analysis

If there’s one thing children are good at, it is obsessing over things. A child might only be into Spiderman for a few months, perhaps a year, but during that time they are all in!

You can produce content that gives them a much desired in-depth look at their favourite characters. Sticking with our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman example, you could do a detailed history of the web-slinger, stretching all the way back to his comic book roots in the early 1960s.

This area of YouTube is particularly fertile as there is a lot of ground to cover. Once you’ve covered Spiderman, for example, you could cover Venom, or Green Goblin, or any of the many other prominent characters in the franchise. You could move on to other Marvel characters, or branch out to DC. You could leave comic books entirely and tackle videogame characters.

As long as you can make it entertaining and you focus on popular characters, you’ll have an interested audience.

9. Narrative Videos

If there is one area you can get away with low production quality, it is YouTube for children. Children have a beautiful lack of cynicism about things like production value, combined with a vivid imagination that is ready to fill in the blanks.

This means you can tell any stories you might want to tell without worrying about whether your video looks professional enough. A particularly popular variation of this is superhero crossovers, where characters from different franchises meet. Many of these videos are acted out by children, with the adults handling the writing and filming.

10 Kid YouTube Channel Ideas 4

10. Educational

Of course, we couldn’t make this list without including educational content. If you can entertain children while educating them, you will have a very bright future as a YouTuber.

Consider making games out of your lessons, and set your viewers fun activities based around the lessons you are giving. Have a clear idea of who your videos are for—maths questions for a six-year-old are very different to maths questions for a twelve-year-old.

This type of video can be especially rewarding, as making learning fun for children will increase the chances that they will pick things up when they go to school. It can also be a good idea to throw in an occasional fun video that might not necessarily have much educational content, just to break things up.

But as a general rule, try to make each video as entertaining as possible. Remember, they don’t have a choice about going to school, but they don’t have to watch your videos.


And that’s our ten kid YouTube channel ideas. Is there something you feel should be on here? Why not leave a comment and let us know?


12 Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

If you’re like many people then you don’t like having your picture taken. Never mind recording yourself speaking on video!

Yet you still want to launch a YouTube channel and earn cash from the Youtube Partner Program.  Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make videos for YouTube, even if the thought of speaking on camera makes you blush. 

Many of the ideas only need you to record your voice over stock images or b-roll video. Others let you tap into a skill you already have. 

Start Now – Get Good Later.

Don’t worry about being too polished when you start.  Many of the following examples show how successful channels started out.  

As you’ll see many of their first few videos have poor production quality.  The critical thing to remember is that they stuck with it.  You have to grind and persist in the early days while your channel grows.  

You can always improve your production quality as you go along.

So let’s get started with 12 ideas for YouTube channels you can launch without showing your face.

Remember if you need help with graphics, banners, subtitles or many other of my secret weapons to grow faster on YouTube then check out my resources page – dozens of tools I couldn’t live without.

OR if you need help of thinking of youtube video ideas without showing your face – there are 13 direct examples of what you can make RIGHT NOW!


With over 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie has one of the biggest channels on YouTube. Run by Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg, he uploads a blend of comedy, gossip, and gaming content.  

When Kjellberg launched the channel in 2010 though, he started with short, simple clips of him playing games like Minecraft.  

Are you a gaming great?  If you can do with your thumbs what others can’t, then you too could launch a channel demonstrating your skills.  Not that good at gaming?  Flip it around and show gaming fails instead.  

Make your clips compelling by adding a funny commentary, or show how to defeat a tricky boss. Remember, it’s all about adding value to the viewer.  

Here is the first video PewDiePie uploaded.  

Top List Videos

People love to rank things: the best striker, the funniest animals, or richest actors. Lots of YouTube channels list all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff from 10 to 1, 5 to 1, or whatever number to 1!

From the weirdest things caught on camera to the biggest waves ever to hit ships, there are plenty of possibilities.

It doesn’t have to be weird (though that does attract curiosity). You could rank the top 10 luxury watches or 5 best shades of green nail polish.

One channel with over 4.5 million subscribers, who only record commentary over images and b-roll footage stitched together is Top 5 Best

Below is a selection of the videos they started with. Today they get over 24 million views per month.

12 Youtube Channel Ideas Without  Showing Your Face


People are always on the lookout for tasty new recipes and cooking guides.  And as the focus is on the food, you can film from overhead only showing your hands. 

It doesn’t have to be gourmet cuisine; you could create a channel based on quick meals to build muscle or easy breakfasts to make before work.

Below is the first video created by a popular channel showing how to make Nepali food. Yummy Food World has over 600k subscribers, and it looks like they shot their first videos on a smartphone. 

They don’t even have voice commentary, just some basic captions.  Below is the video they got going with.

Life Hacks

Do you think you could make a good living filming your hands doing some simple life hacks?  That’s precisely what the owner of the channel 5 Minute Crafts has done. 

Attracting over 67 million subscribers, they show how to use everyday items in canny ways.  While their early videos don’t show any faces, they have more recently used models to demonstrate the hacks. 

Take a look at one of the early videos from them, showing you smart ways to peel fruit.  The production level is quite good for a first video,  but nothing you couldn’t manage yourself with a little practice.


Are you handy in the workshop?  Another popular niche on YouTube is restoration videos.  These types of videos film the process of repairing old, tired and worn out items. Some people find them therapeutic, almost a mindfulness practice and they have become are very popular. 

Along with some filming equipment, you will need the tools and workspace to restore the items.  One of the popular channels in this niche is Black Beard Projects. He restores knives and vintage tools to their former glory and has over 1.6 million subscribers.  

Here is one of his first videos, with 133k views, it’s low production, and shows him removing rust off an old anvil.

Nail Art

Beauty has always been popular on YouTube – there are plenty of Youtubers making a good living doing makeup tips.   If you are not ready to show your face, how about starting a channel demonstrating Nail Art?

Simply Nailogical is a channel that started with low budget how-to videos for nail art.  A channel showing a mixture of pictures, static video, and simple captions, has grown to over 7.6 million subscribers.

When you show others how to do something, you also have other ways to earn money.  Add in affiliate links in the video description for products you have used and make extra earnings.  


One niche that is very popular on YouTube is meditation videos. In today’s hectic world, many people seek out a moment of peace through mindfulness and meditation.  

Meditation videos come in several different formats.  Some have a voice guiding the mediation, and others have only calming music. Additionally, there are even some with only the sound of a bell marking the beginning and end of a timed meditation period!

So, you could create these videos with stock images and music, and could even outsource the writing and audio recording of guided mediation on Fiverr. 

You can see from the first videos from Meditative Mind that they started with just stock photos and sounds.  They didn’t even loop the videos into the longer lengths which are popular today.

12 Youtube Channel Ideas Without  Showing Your Face 1


Turn a camera on, point it at a piece of fruit, and let it rot.  Whoever came up with this concept must have got a few blank stares when pitching the idea to a friend. 

But this is precisely what Temponaut Timelapse did when they started their channel 11 years ago.  To be fair to them, it’s not all rotting fruit; there are also time-lapses of clouds, flowers, and cityscapes.  

But, the concept has proved to be popular, and the channel has grown to 1.2 million subscribers.  You can even shoot your first videos on a smartphone or GoPro.  Here is one of their earliest videos of a rotting Strawberries.


When faced with something we don’t understand, we often look for an ‘explainer’ video to quickly tell us what it’s all about.

If you can explain complex ideas in an entertaining way, then you could launch an animated education channel on YouTube.  

Now, you might be thinking you could never create an animated video.  But, you can make professional animations using a tool like Animaker for $30 per month.  You could even outsource the whole job on Fiverr for very little investment. 

Below is an early video from the channel  CGP Grey. It explains the dull topic of a voting system using jungle animals to make it enjoyable. You can see that it’s mostly pictures, editing, and a little animation.  

Now that the channel is a success, they have invested some of their earnings into better quality animation.


When it comes to numbers of followers on Instagram, the rich and famous beat everyone else hands-down.

Tap into this hot niche by launching a channel that caters to the demand for knowledge about the lifestyles of the mega-rich. Don’t worry, you won’t need to own a Rolex or a Porsche; you can use content already freely available on the web.

One channel you can draw inspiration from is Alux.  Launched in 2014, they edited some photos together and recorded a commentary over it. But as you can see from their first videos pictured below, they weren’t even that long either. 

Today their videos have better production value but are still mostly stock video footage, text animation, and a voiceover.

Alux now has almost 3 million subscribers. 

12 Youtube Channel Ideas Without  Showing Your Face 2

Unboxing & Reviews

Most of us enjoy the online shopping process.  Checking out different products and making a final choice.  We often look at reviews to help us make up our mind.

You may think the internet is awash with reviews, who needs yet another review channel?

But many reviews are poorly filmed or miss out on the necessary product information.  And the injection of some personality can make you stand head-and-shoulders above other reviewers.  

You don’t even have to show your face – you can film a product from above using only your hands.

Do you have specialist knowledge of certain products?  It could be something as simple as emery boards or fountain pens.  If so, start by reviewing the products you own, borrow others, and if they are cheap, buy a few new ones too.  

As you grow your channel, companies will start to contact you and ask you to review their products which they might even send to you for free.

If you don’t have specialist knowledge film unboxing videos instead.  Some people like to see exactly what’s in the box of a product they want to buy before they purchase it. 

Unbox Therapy has 16.7 million subscribers built around the idea of taking items out of retail boxes. He does show his face today, but when he started, he used an overhead camera in a fixed position filming his hands.  

Here is one of his first videos.

‘How to’ Tutorials

People ask the internet ‘how do I…’ millions of times per day.  It’s the first place people go when they need help with a problem. 

Use your knowledge to set up a how-to channel yourself on something you are good at. You’ll find there are plenty of niches out there where you can educate others without needing to show yourself on video.

For example, do you know a piece of software as well as anybody?  Screen-record yourself doing something on your computer; there is always someone on the lookout for a helpful video.  

Do you hand-make your own jewelry? That is something that many people would like to learn to do and is perfect for an overhead shot of only your hands.

The channel Beadaholique has 500k subscribers and shows viewers how to hand-make jewelry.  And they started nine years ago with simple short videos like the one shown below—just a static camera showing their hands making jewelry.

Where to find stock images and video.

So, as you can see there are lots of ways you can make money on YouTube without showing your face.  If you aren’t filming your hands doing something and want to create videos by editing together stock images and b-roll footage.

Then Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash offer images and video you can use free of charge and without attribution. 

But if you are looking for engaging video that you can add voice overs to or to illustrate your points in a video I use storyblocks – For an example of how this could work check out my video with 25 More Ideas for Channels without showing your face.


From voiceovers on stock images to filming quick and tasty recipes; there are many ways to launch a YouTube channel without showing your face.  

Maybe you are camera shy and need a little boost to get started. Have you been thinking about making a YouTube channel for years but worry about putting your face on camera? I talked to one of my clients about this exact issue in a consultation call – the video below might help you too.

Most of the channels covered in this post started as one person, with basic equipment, recording a simple video.  So there is no reason you can’t do it too.

Success won’t happen overnight. To make a lot of money, you need to upload compelling, fresh content regularly.  But, don’t let the dislike of showing your face on camera hold you back.  

Find your niche and make a start. Good luck!


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