10 YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts

Even to this day, when you think of a YouTuber the first thing that springs to mind is often someone in front of the camera, talking directly to that camera as though they were having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone in the room.

It’s not exactly an image that would be appealing to many introverts.

That being said, being a YouTuber is appealing for many reasons, so while the aforementioned introverts might not want to climb in front of a camera and bare their soul for the world, there are still plenty of types of channel out there that are a little more palatable.

What is an Introvert? Am I One?

The definition of introvert is one of those things that often gets boiled down to one or two simple traits, when there is actually quite a broad spectrum of introverted behaviour.

The most obvious trait of an introvert is a lack of interest in external stimulation. This is often mistaken for a lack of interest in going out, which is not technically the same thing.

Introverts are less interested in stimulation outside their own thoughts, not their own house. It’s true, however, that the two often come hand in hand.

Shyness is another common introvert trait, as well as a preference for solitude. In other words, an introvert YouTuber isn’t likely to be interested in hitting the crowded streets with a camera for prank or reaction videos, or being “on the ground” at a large convention.

10 YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts 1

10 YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts

Before we dive into the actual ideas, it’s worth pointing out that, regardless of your own personality traits, the list of channel ideas that is right for you is whatever you are comfortable with.

If something on this list doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine; everybody is different. Similarly, if you feel comfortable with something that would typically be off of an introverts table, you shouldn’t avoid it because some blog post or YouTube video told you it’s not suitable for introverts.

1. Screen Recorded Tutorial Videos

Given the practically endless selection of software out there in a practically endless variety of niches, there will always be a use for screen recorded tutorial videos.

In these types of videos, you never need to be on screen (some choose to but that’s entirely optional), and some screen recorded tutorial videos don’t even have speaking content, instead relying on text to do the work.

The important thing about a video like this is that it shows the viewer what they want to know in as clear a way as possible.

It could be how to make an image look like an old photograph in Adobe Photoshop, how to make a model of a car in Blender, how to do your accounting in Freshbooks, or any number of other options.

2. Animated Videos

For those of you with a flair for animation, animated videos are a great way to get your YouTube on without going against your introverted tendencies. Animation can cover a lot of ground when talking about YouTube channels.

For example, you could be making a whole animated show (though that’s a lot of work), or you could be making videos that typically wouldn’t be on an introverts’ radar while using animation as a buffer between yourself and the viewer.

One idea for this kind of video is the VTuber approach, in which the YouTuber is represented by a virtual avatar.

3. Gameplay Videos

Gameplay videos are, of course, immensely popular. Something that is shown perfectly by the fact that Twitch is often considered to be number two in the user-generated video platform space, and that is a service entirely geared towards gaming.

Gaming videos can be made in a variety of ways, including having your face in the video, just your voice, or even pure gameplay with no commentary or obvious presence from the YouTuber at all.

If you decide to go down this route, it helps to have a clear niche. For example, AlphaBetaGamer is a very popular channel whose videos feature pure gameplay—no commentary—but all the games are up and coming indie titles.

4. Compilation Videos

Compilation videos are a little tricky in the right-to-use department—something that warrants entire posts and videos of its own, but assuming you can get the necessary permission for the clips you use, compilation videos can be anything from “top 10” videos to a collection of funny animal videos.

You can inject commentary into the video if you feel comfortable with that, but many videos of this style get by without. In some cases, the title of the video establishes the premise and the video itself is just a roll of successive videos.

5. Time-lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos can serve a few different purposes. T

hey could just be showing a lengthy process in a short time, such as constructing something or travelling, but they can also be used for atmospheric and ambient videos.

An example of the latter might be finding a spot in nature with a clear view of the night sky and taking a time-lapse of the stars wheeling overhead. Put some royalty-free music on your footage, and you have a nice relaxing video.

This would be ideal for people who like to go solo-camping, as they could also make content of some of the more mundane aspects of camping, such as setting up a fire. And there’s been plenty of “3 hours of crackling campfire” videos popping up in recent years.

6. Product Review Videos

Much like the software mentioned in the screen recording idea, there is never a shortage of products to review.

Granted, it’s a little tricker to make a product review video without featuring at least your voice, but not impossible. You could use a computer generated voice or onscreen text, once again the key point is that you are giving your viewers the information they need about the product.

This method has the added bonus that you can sign up to an affiliate program like Amazon Affiliates and potentially earn some commission from people buying the products you review.

7. Pet Videos

If you have a particularly entertaining pet—or you have a lot of pets—you could make a channel out of them. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that the Internet can’t get enough of amusing animal videos.

One approach that seems to be popular for single-pet owners is a vlog-type channel, only the vlog belongs to the pet.

If you have enough going on in your home to get plenty of entertaining footage, you could even do the compilation style we mentioned above but using exclusively your own pets!

8. Whiteboard Videos

There’s something for everything on YouTube, including people who want to get to grips with the more technical aspects of life.

If you have a penchant for something like mathematics, physics, language, or really anything that benefits from a visual aid when being taught, you could set yourself up with a white board, point a camera at it, and get teaching.

You don’t need to be in shot for this style of video (though your hand will be) but you might have to talk to make it work. That being said, as long as your viewers get the information they need, it’s all good.

10 YouTube Channel Ideas for Introverts 2

9. ASMR Videos

ASMR has a bit of a reputation for attractive women rubbing their face on the microphone, but the truth is there are plenty of successful ASMR YouTubers who don’t fit that description, and some who aren’t even on camera at all.

If you have a decent microphone and feel the benefits of ASMR, you could set yourself up as a faceless ASMR YouTuber who focuses on sounds made by your hands and objects, rather than your voice.

10. Hand Videos

This idea is something of a general purpose one, since it can be applied to many of the other ideas we have given you.

The two most obvious ones being the above ASMR videos idea, and the product review idea.

Hand videos are videos where the focus of the video is something small (such as a mobile phone) and your hands are in frame to manipulate the item for the purposes of the video.

This could also be used for crafting videos and tutorials on how to use certain tools.

Final Thoughts

Of course, this list is not definitive; if you are comfortable doing something we didn’t cover, don’t let the fact that it’s not on this page stop you.

The enormous audience that YouTube represents means there is a viewer for practically any kind of content, no matter how niche or out of the ordinary. If you want to grow as YouTuber, you will probably find you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone eventually, but there is no reason you can’t get started well within it.

Starting off making content you are completely comfortable with will reduce the risk of you getting burnt out before you really get started, and makes any potential audience you pick up far more suited to your style of video.

Top 5 Tools To Get You Started on YouTube

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Big mistake!

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Unlimited YouTube Video Ideas In Minutes

Are you struggling for video ideas? Here is a sure fire way to have unlimited options that are definitely being searched.


Here we go. Hello, I’m Alan Spicer, your YouTube certified expert and I know that it’s really hard to get started on YouTube. It’s hard to think of ideas.

Alan Spicer - YouTube Certified Expert

When you first get started, you might barrel into ideas. You might have a load in your head. You might have a notebook to get started, but sooner or later, it might just dry up where you get a bit of writer’s block, you’re stuck.


The core problem here happens to be that you want to be creating content that is searched, and being searched for right now, because it’s okay to throw up a video about your travel, it’s okay to throw up a video about your new hair dye or to seat there reading a book, but if you truly want to get caught by search, you need to make sure that you’re actually making content, that people are searching for.


I use this all the time. It’s called the “Alphabet Soup Method.”




If you already know what this happens to be, then fine, please bear with me, right?


I’ll explain why it’s important. But if you have no idea, I’m just about to explode your brain.


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. The only one that beats YouTube is Google who owns YouTube. So, they’ve been doing this for years. They’ve got 10, 15, 20 years worth of experience of learning what humans want to know, or find, and they understand our searching habits.


This means that you finally get that shortcut to understanding how people find your videos. I do channel reviews for my clients and I did possibly hundreds over the course of the last few months with vid IQ.


So many people make this mistake. Well, you look at their video and they have a fantastic done now, but the title of the video is the name of a series or “Wow, look at this!” or “Yummy cupcake.”


At least “Yummy cupcakes” is a searchable term, but “Wow, look at this!” and “This is a wall” or “We went here.” Nobody is searching for “We went here,” or “I dyed my hair.” Nobody is searching for really obscure Wow titles.


The only reason you get away with Wow is if you’re Casey Neistat or Jake Paul or Logan Paul or Cody Wanner, people who already have an inbuilt baked audience.

Alan Spicer - YouTube Certified Expert

For a small YouTube channel, you need to stop pandering to either suggested traffic by uploading a ton of content or search by being smart aboutnhow you title content and how you think your things that you will create. There is no point in making a video that is so ultra niche that the only person that’s going to search for it is you and your mom.


That’s why you can’t just do, “Here’s what I did on my day in my house with my brother” because nobody else cares about that other than your brother.


So, what you do is you go to the search bar and dependent on your niche you start typing your way through search suggestions.


Let’s say I want to do something about cake, so I type in “Make a cake” and you’ll get your search results. But here’s the important thing: “Make a cake a” and it gives you suggestions.




Then, “Make a cake b” and “Make a cake c,” these are your search terms that humans have actively searched for.


So it could be “How to make a cake without eggs, how to make a cake with chocolate, how to make a banana cake, how to make an almond cake,” these are search terms that people have searched for.


And if it doesn’t auto complete, it’s likely that people haven’t gone to look for it.


You could also do this in Google, you type in your keyword or key-search term, “How to make a cake.”




And then you scroll all the way past the results down to the bottom, to the related terms. These are also video topics that you can make.




As you keep clicking through, you can get ultra niche. So it could be, “How to make a chocolate cake with cherries, how to make a chocolate cake with fudge icing.”


The ABC method will give you an unlimited amount of ideas that you can deep dive into. Also, if it was to just do the search results, that’s what I did here to start with: “How to make a YouTube,” and then it was “Playlist, channel, video, end screen, end card, outro.”




You will never run out of topics and you can always cheat by adding a little asterisk as well.


So, “How to * cake?”


What this does is it tells YouTube, “Okay, I want it to be about cake, but I don’t know what it is.”


So it could be, “How to proof a cake, how to ice a cake, how to make a fudge cake brownie.”


The little stars are wild cards and YouTube will auto fill it. And if it auto fills it for you, you’ll see that those are words and phrases that other humans have searched for in such a regular basis, that it becomes a search term.


If you pair that up with something like vidIQ search tool, you can see the competitiveness and the volume.




What you need is low competitiveness and high volume, which means there are so many people searching it, but not enough content to service that need.


Final Words

Alan Spicer - YouTube Certified Expert

All you need to do is know exactly the videos you need to make by watching this video right here, remember to subscribe and I’ll see you soon.


And remember if you need more help with your channel with graphics, subtitles, affiliate marketing or more – check out my resource page where I list all my secret tools and websites to supercharge your channel growth.


3 Types Of Content YOUR Channel Needs To Grow – Hub, Help and Hero Content

Hub Content, Help Content and Hero Content Videos are the 3 Type Of Content YOUR Channel Needs To Grow. Hub content is focused on you channels core audience for example daily vlogs, regular news or vlogs. Help Content are YouTube Videos designed to teach viewers something, a list, a lesson or a tutorial. Hero Content is when you go for the big flagship video that takes you the longest to edit, has the highest budget and is seen as the special event. Mixing these 3 types of content will help give your channel the structure it needs to grow and attract audiences outside your community, while engaging your existing subscribers.


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UNLIMITED YouTube Video Ideas – 3 Tips On How To Find Video Topics

Unlimited YouTube Video Ideas!

How to find YouTube Video Ideas or Vlog Topics. Finding new ideas for YouTube Video Topics can be hard at times but I have 3 Tips On How To Find Video Topics which will give you Unlimited YouTube Video Ideas & YouTube Video Topic Ideas so you never have to worry again.

Writing block is common in most creative fields and ideas for YouTube videos can be hard for new YouTubers to come by when you can’t see the wood from the trees. That is why I have a method to discover my YouTube Video Ideas and topics.

1 – Personal YouTube Video Ideas

Pull from your own personal experiences. Your life can be a very deep well of information, opinions, hobbies and content ideas. I know sometime it can feel like you have nothing to think about but why not look at your hobbies and explain that to your audience. Are you a video gamer? Why not tell us about your favourite game! Do you like fashion or makeup? Why not make a video about your new summer look, your favorite make up and how you put it on. Or talk more personal, tell us about your family, your friends, your day at school. You can always find something to talk about in your personal life.

2 – Trending Topic Videos & Other YouTubers

Trending topics can be the source for UNLIMITED YouTube Video Ideas in its own right. Trending topics can be anything that is in the news right now. Why not react to the news, a new music album, a theatre play or the latest new toy trends like Fidget Spinners. Trends can also pop up out of nowhere like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did in 2015 or the Harlem Shake. To find trends just watch what other large YouTubers seem to be doing and make a video about it, react to it, talk about it or watch that tv show or movie.

3 – Breakdown Large Topics into in-depth smaller videos

Sometimes it can be very tempting to make a 15 minute video about a topic in depth. I have done it myself with a couple videos about Music Festivals. These videos are 10-15 minutes long and have 10-30 tips on how to survive a music festival. They are good videos and have been well received but if I wanted to make more videos from the same topic I could drill down into the discussion and dedicate more time to each part. From a top 10 tips video I could make 10 smaller videos giving each tip more explanation for example how to pitch a tent, what food do you need, festival recipes, best things to pack for a festival, how to survive the good/bad festival weather. All of those videos have merit in their own right and could easily be made into videos people want to see as well as the top 10 video compilation..



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