YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Video Notifications & The Bell Icon (7/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – Video Notifications & The Bell Icon // A deep dive into the YouTube Search Algorithm for 2018 and How To Use YouTube Notifications. Get more views and boost video velocity, increasing your watch time retention and over all search engine rankings.

The notification icon or bell icon is fairly new to YouTube. Late 2016 it is a way to guarantee push notifications are sent to your viewers and so you don’t miss any videos from your favourite YouTubers. This is effectively the new subscribe button if you always want to see a YouTubers content.

But how can this help you get more views and rank better? Initial views and traffic on a YouTube view helps the YouTube Algorithm in 2018 to judge how eneging your content is. The initial views, likes, comments and shares from your “notification squad” feeds the algorithm in its first hours which can lay the foundations for its future success.

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