STOP Comparing Yourself With Others – How To Grow On YouTube – #RANT

STOP Comparing Yourself With Others — How To Grow On YouTube — #RANT // Personal development and other self help can be tied to YouTube channel growth. Comparing yourself to others can get toxic, comparing yourself to others can be counterproductive and can lead to stress or burn out.

YouTube is a huge beast and every youtuber is different. Your age, your location, your age, you sense of humour, your content, your demographic, your thumbnails… the list is endless.

All of these differences can have a small or a large effect on your channels growth and your audience. Comparing yourself to rivals or larger youtubers can lead to improper comparison and can lead to you feeling like you are under achieving.

Maybe you need to level up you website game? Maybe you neglected your site and need an update like

ONLY COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOURSELF — The only personal you should be competing with is yourself. Look at yourself last week, last month, last year and see how you can improve to beat that. beat yourself 52 weeks in a row and you’ll be 52x better than you was a year ago.