10 Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Small Youtuber

Avoid These 10 YouTuber Mistakes and You WILL Grow on YouTube. You want to grow on YouTube and get more subscribers but so many small youtubers forget core basics or repeat the same mistakes over and over.

I have been on YouTube since 2012 and every time a review a channel for a client they will have made at least one of these mistakes.

Pinned Posts on YouTube Videos

Did you know you can pin a comment at the top of your youtube video?

This is a great way to redirect people to a new video, an affiliate link or a updated version of your video.

If your video gets a few hundred views maybe even a few thousand, this is you chance to push your audience into binging more of your content and extending the session watch time. The more you can keep people engaged the more likely the youtube algorithm will take pity on you and start suggesting your videos to other people.

Make better YouTube Thumbnails

Think of your YouTube thumbnail as packaging for your perfect product.

Would you walk into a shop and pick up and ugly boring looking box? What if that box looked unloved, maybe even dented. Would you pick that ugly dented box over the one next to it that looks shiny, clean and colourful?

Why are YouTube Thumbnails so important? – Good YouTube thumbnails stand out and make people stop scrolling. A boring thumbnail can hurt a videos performance if people are not curious enough to click on it. A good YouTube thumbnail gets higher click-through-rate (ctr) and more engagement overall.

You can test your thumbnails with Tubebuddy’s A/B thumbnail testing tool – a great way to maximise your views, subscribers and channel growth.