How To Go Viral On YouTube – 6 Tips For Making A Viral Video

Going Viral On YouTube is always a topic to debate. How To Go Viral On YouTube in 2018, its a mix of many things but you don’t have to go viral on YouTube to be Successful on YouTube in 2018. Making a viral video can help launch a brand or a video making career but you can also build a brand with time, patience and quality content.

Going Viral On YouTube isn’t always just a one hit wonder out of the blue. Making a video go viral on YouTube needs 6 things.

How To Go Viral On YouTube in 2018

1 – Going Viral On YouTube with LUCK – Luck can sometime make a video go viral on YouTube under its own steam but not always.

2 – Making A Video Go Viral with a good NICHE – Pick the category you want to talk about and build up an audience to help you build channel authority

3 – YouTube Viral Videos need BRANDING – Channel banners, Channel Avatar and YouTube Video Thumbnails help you get recognised and over time shared or suggested.

4 – Viral Topical Videos – Make Your Viral YouTube video Topical to increase your chance of going viral, and most of all make it shareable!

5 – Consistency breeds Viral Videos – The more videos you upload the YouTube the more chances you have to get lucky or to be relevant to something people want to share

6 – You DONT need to go viral to be a success on YouTube – Roberto Blake is a prime example that you don’t need to go viral to be a very successful businessman and brand on YouTube



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