How To Succeed On YouTube in 2018

YouTube Tips 2018, YouTube Success in 2018 with these YouTube Hacks

How To Succeed On YouTube in 2018. Planning for the future is a sure fire way to rank better on youtube in 2018. Its all down to how you approach the platform and what you can do you increase youtube views, boost youtube watch time and maximise youtube video retention rates.

1 – BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY – Make friends, join groups, help people in forums and get your name/face seen. That way when you do drop a link to a video they wont see it as spam.

2 – PLAN FOR THE FUTURE – Are you looking to your future content? Are you planning your new year video, your valentine’s day specials, your fashion week content, world cup tricks and tips etc? Are you making enough videos? Maybe bulk record and increase how many videos a week you publish.

3 – REFINE YOUR CONTENT – Double down on what get you your views and make more of it!

4 – SET GOALS – If you have something to aim for it will drive you to do more and get better to achieve Succeed on YouTube in 2018!

5 – BE CONFIDENT – Be passionate, love what you make and love what you share. If you’re having fun making the content your viewers will feel it too!

6 – KEEP IMPROVING – Learn, learn and learn some more. Go back and look at your old content and see how you can improve them. Learn 1 new trick or skill every month and in 12 months time you will have 12 more tools for Success On YouTube in 2018.

7 – DON’T GIVE UP! – Succeed on YouTube in 2018 will not come overnight! You cant win a marathon if you give up halfway through. Keep running, keep learning, keep pushing and you will get there!

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