Today, we’re going to double your channel growth with these simple tricks. Here we go. If you’ve already thrown up 10, 20 or 30 videos, you’ve already got enough base there to start doing some analytic diving.



It will take a while for you to create 30 videos initially, vomited 30 videos onto your YouTube channel in day one, which by the way, I highly suggest you do not do. If you take your time and you’ve uploaded two, three, four videos a week, or maybe even one video a week for, I don’t know, half a year, you will start to see shoots or signals and signs of growth.




This is when we dive into analytics. If you flip through your analytics and having a look at your most popular videos, you search them in descending order, the most important ones at the top, you will see that there are videos there that have got you the most views on your channel.


No matter how old or how new your YouTube channel is, there will be a clear hierarchy of some videos doing better than others.




This is your chance to start gaging what your channel and your channel audience wants from you, what you are expected to do.


Let’s say your top video happens to be about a tutorial, teaching people how to get the best weapon in the game that you’re playing and that you are a gaming channel.


In fact, your whole channel could be about that game, but for whatever reason, that video did better than others, you need to identify why. If you haven’t looked at that video, see if there was a good retention rate.




Did people watch all the way through all? Is it a hot topic? Is it the fact that it is a tutorial teaching people that makes them watch all the way through? Or is there a trend?


Do you notice that when you do class videos, for example, how to set up a certain character or how to do a specific mission or how to mean max your player stats, in other words, the most attack or the most defense, is it when you deep dive into those kinds of things that you get more attention or is it when you make funny compilations? Is that when you do live streams?


Only you will tell because everybody’s channel is different. There’s no point in you looking at somebody else who’s doing well, his channel always get so many thousands of views more for his live streams compared to yours. That’s because that’s their own ecosystem.




You should never compare yourself to anybody else outside your bubble.


You should compare yourself with you.




So, have a looking at your analytics, your first five or ten videos, see if there’s a pattern. If you notice that two or three of the top five are tutorials or that the comedy stuff works more, start leaning into that direction. See if there’s anything that you can twist or tweak or change, or if they’re really old videos.


So for example, my case, I did a video two years ago on how to generate a YouTube playlist, if that’s really good and doing really well, maybe you could update it with a newer version.


So I made a video on three ways to make a YouTube playlist and I went through the new dashboard, and I showed you how to add a mobile.




That way, I’m leaning in on the thing that got me the most views, or tapping into the thing that is most popular or has the most support or traffic through my channel, my authority.


Now, if you’re looking to grow your subscribers, you can do exactly the same, instead of going for views, you go to the “Subscribers” tab, and then you order it in the order of the videos that got you the most subscribers.


This uses a similar technique. You look at the ones that got you in the most subscribers, and you see if there’s a pattern between the top 10 or the top 20.




Did the ones that do more favorably have a certain length? Was there a certain presenting style?


You’ll notice with mine at the start of my videos, on some of them I flash up the text here, or on some of my videos, I just have screenshots of me doing a specific tutorial.


Does my business rants do better than my YouTube brands?


Have a look at the ones that got you the most subscribers, and then see if you can, once again, replicates or add or make a better version or update those, see if you can compliment it.


So if one of my videos did really well, which was “How to add in-screens,” I could then teach you how to add in-screens on mobile, or how to add certain aspects of the in-screens, whether it’s best for videos, whether it’s the latest videos, whether it’s a specific playlist or a link to a website, maybe I’m talking about how fantastic vidIQ is, and I’m telling you, “Oh, go and get this specific tool.”


But then, I can make other videos about certain features within that software.


How to do a thumbnail preview, how to search for video tags, how to translate your videos. All of these are still related to that topic, but you could then pile them into a playlist. Or you can link them together using keywords and putting videos in the top of the video comments, consult, feeding bubbles between them, feeding traffic, because they wanted that specific topic.




They came to you to learn, in this case, about how you vidIQ, and instead of being a generalized video, they can learn in five videos, a much broader picture.


Well for you, it could be that they really, really liked how to knit that jumper, but they also want to learn how to knit that jumper in red and knit that jumper with an embroidery logo and knit that jumper and a hoodie.


Or maybe you’re a gamer and they really liked how to get that specific weapon, and then they need to learn how to get a better version of that weapon, or get the adults or how to aim it or how to use it most effectively.


Your stats is the magic secret sauce just for only you that nobody else can use, because you’ve already proved that you presenting that type of content gets that audience.


Well, you now need to do reverse engineer that and say, “I want this audience, so what do I need to do to get them again over and over and over again, until it becomes a habit?”


It forms it in the brain of YouTube that, “Ah, every time that video is made by Alan, we serve that to those people.”


It makes it easy for YouTube to suggest you against other content, and then, all you need to do is nail the content in the best, most engaging way possible.


Final Words




There’s a video here to tell you exactly how you do that. Remember to subscribe for regular deep dive videos and tutorials, and I’ll see you soon.


YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Subscribers (6/7)

YouTube Algorithm 2018 Playlist Series – YouTube Subscribers 2018 // Getting subscribers in 2018 is the core focus of many new youtubers in 2018 but do they understand the power of YouTube subscribers in the 2018 YouTube Algorithm?

YouTube uses the initial reactions to a newly published video as a way to ranking your video in the search and discovery algorithm. Getting more youtube subscribers in 2018 to watch your videos in the first 24-48 hours shows youtube how engaging that video is and how likely it is to retain viewers. Not only how long they watch that video but how long they stay on YouTube in general.

To get noticed on YouTube search results in 2018 its not about how to gain subscribers fast but how to get your subscribers to be active, engaged and actively sharing, commenting and communicating your videos to friends, family or more importantly YouTube.

🔴 WATCH My “YouTube Algorithm” in 2018 Playlist to Learn More – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Gi36MQ5FU&list=PL09mwoOn57VScDpAERAp8R9QjXYvrvNU9


▶️ YouTube Tips 2018 Playlist – Kickstart your YouTube Channel in 2018

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▶️ How To Get More Subscribers in 2018




5 MUST KNOW YouTube Tips for 2018

YouTube Tips 2018 to help you get the most out of the new year. Get more YouTube subscribers, get more video views and grow your YouTube channel in 2018. YouTuber Tricks can help you get the basics right and set solid foundations for any new YouTube channel.

YouTube Tips for 2018

#1 Set Goals!
If you have something to aim for it will focus your mind and help you look for a solution

#2 Plan for success
You have to do the research to achieve your goal. You can’t go to the moon without learning some rocket science.

#3 Content Strategy
Remember to mix HUB, HELP and HERO content to keep your viewers engaged as well as growing your subscriber base.

#4 Predict Regular YouTube Trends
There will always be a new iPhone, New Netflix Shows and Doctor who! Why not weave this forward thinking into your videos

YouTube is a long term goal, keep learning and never give up!

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How To Get 10K YouTube Subscribers on YouTube

10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel – How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers

Getting 10K Subscribers on YouTube and getting more YouTube subs may seem impossible but all it requires is a little hard work, it can be done! This article will outline my tips and tricks for gaining YouTube Subscribers.

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Growing a YouTube channel can sometimes feel like you are hiking up a mountain with a rhino on your back. Everytime you stop to take a breathe you see other YouTubers outgrowing you and leaving you behind. It can get frustrating and almost kill your passion to make videos, DON’T GIVE UP! Here are my 10 Tips that got me to my first 10,000 YouTube Subscribers – YouTube Growth Strategy.

How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers

1 – Set Your YouTube Expectations

Take a look at your personal goals or company brands goals for YouTube and adjust them accordingly. Not everyone can be Pewdiepie or BuzzFeed. As long as you understand that YouTube will take time and effort you will be setting yourself a reasonable foundation and realistic base to build our brand on. If you aim for a sensible goal you wont get disappointed and give up.

2 – YouTube Branding – Brand Continuity Attracts YouTube Subscribers

Learning How To Brand Your YouTube Channel is key to your success. If it a personal brand or a business brand name? Once you have decided what your channel name will be based on you can go you and grab the social media accounts to help your potential YouTube Subscribers to find you eg Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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3 – YouTube Channel SEO – Rank Your Channel to Gain YouTube Subscribers

How To Set Up YouTube Channel Optimisation SEO – Under the account setting you will see you can pick the channel core focus in channel tags. These tags should be summarised topics/tags you would want people to search to find you, for example – Beauty Tutorials, Whedon Fan, Funny News, Sports Reviews etc.

Also make sure you write a keyword packed About Page. This page is there to explain to someone who have never seen your videos what you do and how to find you. This of your About Page as a elevator pitch to gain more YouTube Subscribers.

4 – Pick your niche!

Are you a vlogger? Beauty Guru? Gamer? – Pick the topic your channel will be anchored in. It is ok to be random but you should always have one core premise that you return to on a regular basis so YouTube Subscribers can explain to others what your channel does – “He’s a YouTube Gamer” – “She does makeup reviews and beauty tips.”

5 – YouTube Vlogging Recording Equipment

You don’t need to spend £1,000s to make videos on YouTube. Most YouTube Subscribers don’t care about your equipment as long as they can hear you clearly and see you clearly. I started with a £30 HD Webcam and later added some lights but you can use your smartphone and some sunlight.

6 – How often should I upload to YouTube? – Consistency wins YouTube Subscribers

Pick a day or days that suit you and don’t over post. Never do more than 1 a day unless your audience can watch them all. The biggest tip is consistency! If you are struggling to upload 2 videos a week but could guarantee 1, tell your YouTube Subscribers you will do 1 video a week and if they get a 2nd they will feel like its a bonus just for them!

7 – When should I upload to YouTube?

Tailor it to your audience. Are you viewers school age? Then upload the video after school time or early afternoon weekends. Take a look into your YouTube Analytics Demographics to see who are watching your videos and from which countries and tweak your schedule to match.

8 – Evergreen vs Topical Content – Long Term vs Short Term Growth

Decide if you are going to chase the news headlines and trending topics or go for the long term approach and want to add educational videos or list videos for commonly asked questions. Topical topics can get you immediate traffic but can also die off quickly. Evergreen can act as a new YouTube Subscribers  honeypot, attracting you views over a longer period.

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9 – Video Optimisation or YouTube Video SEO

Focus on your video titles, description and video tags. Ranking a YouTube video is very similar to ranking a website on Google. You need to write a compelling click worthy title, explain the video well in the description using keywords and then finally tie it all together with the youtube tags to help YouTube rank your video.


Keep going, keep learning, keep trying and you will get there! YouTube is not easy and it not a quick fix. It will take time to learn and perfect your skills but when it clicks you can really see huge growth and brand engagement.