Can YouTube Employees See Private Videos?


Can YouTube Employees See Private Videos?

Whatever the reason you make your video private, it’s a safe bet you don’t want anyone peeking at them. We know our private videos are safe from the prying eyes of the common YouTube user, but what about YouTube employees?

Yes however, It could be argued that if you are concerned about YouTube employees—or the employees of any online service you use for that matter—seeing your private content, you should probably just not use those services.

This is excluding sensitive information like passwords and payment information, of course, which should be encrypted and not visible to anyone but you.

Now, if we’re being totally honest, the answer to this question is going to involve a lot of guesswork. We simply don’t know what YouTube employees have access to on the back end. What we do know is that you have no expectation of privacy from YouTube with any content you upload to their servers. You accept various terms of service and, for all intents and purposes, you are granting YouTube the right to do pretty much what they want with your content. Within reason, of course.

What we’re saying is, regardless of whether YouTube employees can view your private videos or not, you should probably just assume they can. But, with that being said, let’s explore this topic a little more.

What Kind Of YouTube Employee?

The first thing we should establish is what kind of YouTube employee we are talking about. For example, many YouTubers have reported contacting YouTube support regarding an issue and being asked to make their video public or unlisted because the support agent could not view it. Of course, there could be question marks raised over whether this counts as a YouTube employee since this kind of technical support is often outsourced… and these days even automated.

So, it would seem the front line of technical support cannot view your private videos, but it is safe to assume that there are people who work at YouTube who can, the question is why would they ever need to?

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Why Might A YouTube Employee Look At Private Videos?

The first thing we should do is address the elephant in the room; YouTube employees looking at private videos for fun. This is one of those awkward topics that probably doesn’t have a good answer. Officially, this will not happen. YouTube will not permit its employees to just look at private videos without good reason. Practically speaking, there may not be a way of knowing if an employee is doing it.

Again, we would say the best approach is to just assume that someone, somewhere is looking at the content you are uploading to YouTube, even if private.

This isn’t the horror show that you might think. Any YouTube employee viewing your private videos will almost certainly be operating under restrictions, and will not be allowed to just share your content or start talking about it with others, or else they are acting against YouTube’s internal policies, and will not want to risk being caught.

Another reason that a YouTube employee might be viewing your private videos is for the purpose of review, such as in response to a copyright dispute or appeal. If any kind of complaint is lodged against your content, it will likely still be reviewed by YouTube even if you have since made it private.

Legal Matters

If your content becomes the subject of a legal matter, making it private will not keep it from the eyes of the relevant parties. Indeed, it is highly likely that deleting the video altogether will not be enough to prevent law enforcement agencies from viewing it.

There is no advice here save for don’t break the law, and certainly don’t upload footage of you breaking the law to YouTube.

Private Video View Counts

You may have noticed the view count on your private videos incrementing ever so slowly when you check. This may look like evidence of sneaky peaking by YouTube employees at first glance, but remember that YouTube counts your viewing in its metrics. If you are opening your private videos to find dozens of extra views, something is certainly amiss. But if your view count is just climbing up one at a time, that’s just you looking at your own video!


Though bots don’t increase view counts, they do get to “view” your videos, private or not. We say view in quotation marks because the way a bot views content is not really analogous to the way we view content. Bots are very singular in purpose, and if your video doesn’t contain the specific thing a bot is looking for, the bot won’t have anything to report about it.

This is relevant because a great deal—perhaps the vast majority—of reasons why YouTube might be viewing your private content can actually be taken care of by bots. This is an ideal world for YouTube since bots are cheaper, faster, and there is no risk of privacy violations. This should also put your mind at ease since you know bots are not going to judge you for any embarrassing content you’re not ready for the world to see.

Copyright Grey Area

Copyright violations are flagged by the aforementioned bots even if the content is private, this much we know. What is less clear, however, is the process after that. Copyright holders have the ability to review a copyright violation—especially when it is appealed—but do they still get that same ability when the potential violation is in a private video?

Clearly, there are some questions that would be nice to have YouTube answer explicitly.

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Final Thoughts

While you are probably safe from having YouTube employees sneakily watching your private videos in the vast majority of cases, we find still find it best to just assume that there is no such thing as truly private when it comes to putting content online using free services such as YouTube. That way, you’ll never be caught off guard if it happens!

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By Alan Spicer - YouTube Certified Expert

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